Can i get into a 6/7/8 med school program?

Ethnicity:ArabGPA:Weighted is 98.7 Attends 43 best high school in country Sat2: 750 us history, 700 bio Sat: PendingAwards1. 8 Honor Rolls (3 Freshmen year, 2 Sophomore Year, 3 Junior Year) 2. 4 Merit Rolls (1 Freshmen Year, 2 Sophomore Year, 1 Junior Year) 3. Highest Average in AP Psychology (2009-2010) 4. Perfect Attendance (2007-2008), (2009-2010) 5. AP Scholar Award (2008-2010) 6. AP Scholar with Distinction Award (2010-2011) 7. Merck Science Day Attendee Award (2010) 8. 10th Congressional District Art Competition Honorable Mention (2008)9. 3 Jersey City Wide Student Council Participation Awards 10. Certificate of Achievement for Statewide Mock Trial Competition (2010) Extracurricular Activities11. 4 years of service to the City Wide Student Council (2007-Present) (150-200 hours comm service)12. 4 years of service to MAHS Student Council (2007-Present) (10 hours comm service )13. National Honor Society Student (2009-Present) (40-50 hours com service)14. Member- Championship Mock Trial Team (2009-2010) 15. MAHS Student Council Vice President (2010-Present) 16. Honor Society Tutoring (2009-2010) 17. Member-3rd Place Hudson County Boys Swim Team (2009-2010) 18. MAHS Game Club Treasurer (2009-Present) 19. Soccer Summer League (2007-2008), (2010-2011) 20. Epsilon Club (2009-Present) 21. 215 hours community serivce hospital Special Projects21. Jersey City Superintendent Student Leadership Forum Presenter (2007-2010) 22. Student volunteer for the "Nine for Nine Program" 23. Jersey City Genealogical Essay Contest Representative for MAHS (2010) 24. Campaign to Protect Cobblestones - Holland Street Clean up (Fall of 2007 and 2009)Experience25. Chosen by Board of Education to attend National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine in Philadelphia, PA (July 4, 2010 – July 13, 2010) at no cost. 26. Paid tutoring in MAHS (2008-2010) 27. Community Service at Al-Huda Islamic Center Mosque (2008-2010) (4 hours/week)

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  1. savagers says:

    You will be competitive if you earn a 2250 SAT score and your unweighted GPA is at least 95.