Skin cancer essay help!?

for health i have to write a 3 double spaced pages about skin cancer. i need help! please give me all information you know about skin cancer..such as how many people die a year, how old they range from, how many people are diagnosed a year, what different kinds of skin cancer there are, how its treated, how long you have to live, how you die. Please just ANY information you know that could fill a whole 3 double spaced pages! and give the link....if u got it from a website! anything else i should include or you have to say! pleaseeeee help!

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  1. strobiliferous says:

    You might like to start off with something ‘eye catching’ – how the Western world became obsessed with suntans thanks to Coco Chanel – yes, the dress designer.Go to and put in Chanel into Search window.Best of luck.Verite R

  2. alloway says:

    I have attached 2 links.Australia has the greatest incidence of skin cancer in the world, so we are very conscious of it.The second link has a lot of tabs leading from it, so lots of information for you, including teenage tanning link which should be relevant for you.