Why do parents send their boys to government run co-ed schools?

When there is a bank of evidence that shows that boys do much better academically at single sex schools with mainly male teachers? I went to such a one and we got the best marks on average in the state, despite the curriculum being very gender biased towards girls, i.e. heavy influence on English, dumbed down complex subjects like physics, maths and chemistry, too much emphasis on long boring coursework, exam questions consisting of essays requiring the discussion of emotions rather than the demonstration of the understanding and application of facts to solving problems.

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8 Responses to “Why do parents send their boys to government run co-ed schools?”

  1. fanasty says:

    While you may want everything to run according to what you think is “logical” to a teenage boy’s mind, the world doesn’t work on the logic of teenagers. Schooling is more than about studying hard and getting good grades (which are VERY important, don’t get me wrong), but it’s also about LEARNING to socialize and get along with those who are different from you. That would be girls, if I’m reading your question correctly.Boys and girls who are separated from each other during the course of their schooling sometimes lose the ability to see each other as anything more than sexual objects as they get older. If you are only exposed to females and their somewhat different ways of looking at the world and personal relationships after your primary education ends, you are not a well-rounded individual and will probably lack empathy, understanding, and the social skills to deal with anybody other than boys.Further, many studies have shown that homosexuality is rife at all-male institutions and many parents would rather avoid exposing their boys to such situations if it can be averted. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being homosexual, many boys are confused by it and it can affect their studies and future should such sexual adventures not be personally acceptable for one reason or another (say, for example, if you’re straight).Women and girls are not “foreign” nor should they be considered impediments to an education. Learn from them as they will learn from you and together you can be more rounded, fully-informed people and better citizens.Now go study hard and get good grades and stop blaming girls for your limitations.

  2. reweaken says:

    Because theres more to education than the subjects and grades. Theres a social aspect which is nearly as important, if not more so. Children learn how to respect authority, make friends, converse with a range of people. By taking girls out of the equation you are removing a vital aspect of growing up for a young man.Furthermore I have heard the exact opposite fact, that boys perform better in co-ed, as they are less rowdy/boisterous ETC. Also your argument doesn’t really make sense, as you also claim your schools done the best in the state? One last thing, I think your views on the strengths of girls and boys are pretty massive generalisations.

  3. iberism says:

    Because there are lots of studies showing single-sex education isn’t so great socially either e.g. the study showing boys from single sex schools had a higher rate of divorce. That is also my anecdotal experience knowing boys from same-sex and boys from co-ed schools and having been to both myself.

  4. preconception says:

    They do it for the same reason intelligent parents send their girls to coed schools.Because society, and the world, is coed, and isolating your offspring from the other gender during their formative years is a formula for creating mental problems later..

  5. tnecniV says:

    because parents also send their girls to govt run CO-ED schools

  6. demicritic says:

    Nobody cares.

  7. blackjack says:

    I think that co-ed schools are like small society so the boys and girls learn many useful things which is related to their future life. actually co-ed school simulates small society for young men and young women to learn how to cooperate with each others in the real society which has lots of real problems that happens in the small society like co-ed school or something else

  8. Hahnemannian says:

    They are lazy, in debt over their heads and don’t love their children.