Can you help me make a title for my essay? Get 10 points!?

Can you help me make a title for my essay? Get 10 points!?I'm writing an essay about the documentary "Unkown White Male" which is about a man loosing memory of his entire life.I am writing about how he rediscovered himself in the process.I was thinking of the title "Known White Male"But does anyone have any other ideas?Best answer gets 10 points!Thank you!

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9 Responses to “Can you help me make a title for my essay? Get 10 points!?”

  1. curdiness says:

    one man unknown

  2. educationalist says:

    Identity Crisis

  3. cataclinal says:

    the discover man

  4. hejira says:

    Maybe the Discovery of an Unknown Man?

  5. serocystic says:

    i like… “Retrospective Discovery”

  6. swinkin says:

    maybe something like Finding __________ (whatever his name is)

  7. plushed says:

    yes of curs,in this case the man your pointing lost his memory wen he experienced having a amnesia in which the man recover from this wen he saw the one whom he loved and very important to his life.that is just simple,just imagine wat r the possible instances on how can u gat out on that situation if thats you

  8. massumi says:

    Idenityor Idenity Unknown

  9. valance says:

    The Discovery of the Unkown White Male