How to start an About Me Essay?

My homework assignment for Health class is to write a one page paper about me.Usually, this would be a piece of cake, but over the summer, my brain has gone dead.I actually searched for some help on here, and everyone keeps saying, "write about a memory, or a quote,". Honestly, I'm in 8th grade. To me, starting with quotes is level. LOL.I just need help with the start, I know I can do the rest on my own. If you can help me, GOD BLESS YOU.

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  1. Putnam says:

    Point 1 Start with giving general information about yourself. However, do not resort to banalities “Hi, my name is…, I was born in…” Yes, information of that kind seems to be dull. Still, it is possible to find some creative approaches to give it in the ‘all about me’ essay. Point 2 Say a few words about the way you look like. In this part of your ‘all about me’ essay, we also advise you to use some unusual ways of presenting information. Definitely, you will tell about your height, color of hair, and eyes. However, do not forget about amazing details that can be included into your ‘all about me’ essay. We also recommend you not to be afraid of laughing at yourself. For instance, you wear glasses and look a bit funny. Well, tell about it in your ‘all about me’ essay. Point 3 Now you can start telling about your inner traits. What kind of person are you? What personal characteristics distinguish you from other people? Do you know some features of yours that people really appreciate? Answer these questions in the ‘all about me’ essays. Point 4 It is high time to finish your essay ‘about me’. Think of a strong and catchy conclusion. If you need tips for writing creative essays or an essay about a friend, we are ready to help you.