I need you to write an essay on the importance of choosing a best answer?

The best essay will get at least 11 points

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17 Responses to “I need you to write an essay on the importance of choosing a best answer?”

  1. knowable says:

    to get points and massage your ego

  2. undevised says:

    Every time you don’t choose a best answer, a kitten is killed…please, think of the kittens!

  3. DiSessa says:

    the best is the best of the best of the best so choose wisely and make sure it is the best.

  4. osteosynthesis says:

    the only reason i like to be chosen as best answer, is so i can learn how to word things on here. if i think i wrote a really good answer it turns out i didn’t get chosen best. but whenever i just write an answer and don’t think about it i get best answer. *shurgs* i guess it just depends on the person who asked the question, or the people who vote for best answer. we all just want to be the best…

  5. otocephaly says:

    In the grand scheme of life, is it really important if we are chosen as best answer? I just like trying to help people and give them advice.

  6. THERE'D says:

    Choosing a best answer, is important. I’m not one for boring essay’s, so, here you go!If you never choose a best answer, than no one will want to pick a best answer for you! If you dont pick a best answer, people will vote for the most discusting and perverted one, and they’ll get 10 points! If you dont pick a best answer, you dont get points for picking a best answer! If you dont pick a best answer, Those who had an awesome answer that freaking rocked your socks off, wont get 10 points! If you dont pick a best answer, you will dissapoint me. )=. Peace

  7. cymbalo says:

    11 points first

  8. imprescriptibly says:

    Whoever dies with the most points wins……

  9. hylomorphism says:

    if you don’t you don’t get the points for picking a best answer and you break the rules of Y answersand if you don’t the peeps get upset because they compete to get the best answer and its the way things aught to bethe end

  10. cohabitate says:

    I’d say to all the others:let her do her homework herself.And do choose yourself a best answer,don’t take us for granted,will you?Sky

  11. regressively says:

    Choose me, because it really sucks to not win.

  12. vintagers says:

    Choosing a best answer sometimes requires much thought. This is for reasons being that many answers contain similar information and helpfulness. In choosing a best answer you must decide above all, who gets the well valued points which allow others to post insightful questions of their own. A best answer must be chosen by the total effectiveness the answer has. Whether it be informative or reassuring it must bring satisfaction to the asker’s request. By choosing the absolute best answer you maintain the balance which keeps answers from all participants serious, intelligent, and honest.This is the reason choosing a best answer is so important, you reward and encourage good answers.

  13. outbar says:

    Well, I do not know how many words you want but here goes:I think that choosing a best answer is very important. This is because all you get back is three out of you five points back. Isn’t that great? YOU ACTUALLY GET BACK POINTS FOR PICKING A BEST ANSWER (unless you consider that you paid 5 to post the question in the first place…)Then, you must give back to the person who helped you the most. I mean seriously, don’t you think that the person that answers “Go eat some cheese…” or “Go get some help…” deserves 10 points?Basically, picking a best answer is really just a reason for people to answer your question, hoping for 10 points.:)

  14. blameworthiness says:

    Vomit vomitwho’s got the vomitwent to the corner to see what was the matteri said no, ho, so there ya go

  15. androgynia says:

    You should choose a best answer by looking at all of the responses. There are a lot of people out there that don’t take the time & only write one or two sentence answers just to get the 2 points. I, however, take every question I answer seriously & put time & effort into researching, spelling, and sourcing. Choosing a best answer puts the answer on file whenever a person searches the questions. If you don’t choose a best answer, then it’s up to other members to vote for the best answer & sometimes they don’t always choose the best one. You also get points and points are given to the answerer for choosing a best answer. When you vote for a best answer & it really is a good one, you are letting the user know that you appreciate the time & effort put into answering. If we want to keep Yahoo Answers a good & reliable venue for education & information, then it’s very important that as an asker that you ask legitimate and serious questions, take the time to choose a best answer & also rate other answers. I realize that there are some categories that aren’t for really serious answers, but for the ones that are, choose those best answers- you may be helping to educate someone and that is a good thing :)

  16. randoll says:

    I makes no sense really. We get drawn in by the addictive claws here, and what does it give back? Points, that is all, and yet we continue. Somehow, it is like winning the lottery, except it does nothing to help pay the bills (which are sitting unattended to so I can sit here and write a bit of an essay) in fact, we pay money so that we can go online, to reach out and connect to the rest of the planet, or at least make an attempt to feel connected. For our effort, we receive points. Aside from that wonderfully giddy high you feel, you feel emotionally better. Someone, somewhere, thought you among all the other people they were able to chose from, thought your answer was the best! That makes you special, it makes you smarter, it makes you a more valid human being! My self esteem needs a boost, I wrote a lovely response and it would sadden me greatly if I am not chosen. ;)

  17. saruman says:

    I will not write an essay but I will tell you that it is important to pick the best answer for the same reason it is important for the best answer to be picked. If it isn’t, California will fall into the ocean. The dead will rise from their graves in an attempt to eat our brains and turn us all into living zombies. The skys will grow black and it will rain all the time. The humans that aren’t turned into zombies, outlast the plague and the famine will have to hole up in some form of and underground cave for safety. They will live their for years. As such there will be terrible in breeding as well as an entire race that is allergic to sunlight. Eventually, we will all die out like the dinosaurs. The fate of the world and the human race depends on best answers being chosen. Long story short, It’s very important to pick one!