What is the difference between a dictator and a school bully?

I have this homeowrk to write a compare and contrast essay about the dictators and school bullies!so i know the simmilarity between then but i dnt know the differences! can anyone help!

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2 Responses to “What is the difference between a dictator and a school bully?”

  1. Rhynchocoela says:

    Dictator: Clever and manipulative individual who has a wide knowledge in many fields of how to run a country and how to come into power beforehand: He is much more advanced and is not simply a thuggish idiot who takes your school money, but subtly becoming your friend and asking for small tips here and there before taking your whole wallet every day without you ever noticing because he’s your best *friend*; basicly he employs differant strategical means to attack his victims. Harbouring both brawn and intellect, he is a dangerous advesary.School Bully: Thuggish individual who beats you senselessly without considering anything but the fist he repedetly hurles into your face.

  2. anises says:

    Differences-Dictator: rules a Country or certain area. Dictators have complete power over the people of that area. To me, dictators are a higher level of a bully. Bullies- only tries to control the students at the school while a dictator controls much larger group of people- a whole Country! Typically, bullies pick on students that are smaller or weaker. Dictators donot care whether your big or small, they still control everyone of that particular area.