Why is leadership, teamwork and diversity important in the police?

hi im andrew, i have to do a 500 word essay for college on why teamwork and diversity important in the police i have some ideas but they dont quite stretch to 500 words can anyone help me out i would appreciate it alot :)

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  1. alway's says:

    Leadership – expand on community role models: to children. to teens growing up w/o a dad, to citizen behavior such as how to drive etc.Teamwork- expand on integrity, use the definition; site the movie Saving Private Ryan and why it was important for the writer to shoot to kill like the rest of the team and how individual ideals don’t work when trying to carry out an objective designed for a team. Or you could use some other example, say a three legged race, or football.Diversity- The people the police are protecting come in all races and cultures. If the police are not diverse the public does not feel equally represented and thus does not feel the law applies equally. Expand-give examples