Buying A Laptop Advice?

Looking to buy a new laptop. Unsure if i should go for a refurbished one or a brand new one. (As I bought my dell less than 2 years ago for £600 died a few weeks ago, so whats the point in buying a new one!). I basically want it for writing my essays, watching movies and playing sims. Nothing amazingly special! My maximum spend is £400. Also those Core I3 processors look pretty decent.. any advice? Dont think i'll get the Sandy Bridge one in my price range though!Thanks for all your help!

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4 Responses to “Buying A Laptop Advice?”

  1. disroof says:

    there are sales all over the place. the best for laptops are the PC world, comet, and currys sales. be quick and find a good deal online or go to the shop. I3 is probably fine for that. and get RAM at around 4gb or so-that’s a decent speed. there are tons of different good ones for 400. this is an excellent deal: [external link] …the one that’s:HP Pavilion g6-1210sa 15.6″ Laptop – Red £349.00Intel® Core™ i3-370M processorGenuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bitMemory: 6GBHard drive: 640GB

  2. rocket says:

    here is a few links for you that will help with your purchase of a laptop thanks ian good luck with your purchase if you need anymore help then google plus me at ianmccully thanks ian

  3. Cynosarges says:

    Get a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge. They have the best typing keys of any laptop. Seriously, call a laptop repair facility and ask them if ThinkPads are better than most laptops. They’ll say yes, I guarantee it.

  4. pontificated says:

    Yeah just try to focus on the processor, aside from that how it looks. Windows 7 isnt bad either.I have an i3, its really fast. I recommend it i3,i5,i7 are the best out there right now. I recommend i3, if you can find a computer with it at a good price.