How would you describe a person who is suffering from cancer and the health is deteriorating by day?

I needa use for essay, thank you v much! :)

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2 Responses to “How would you describe a person who is suffering from cancer and the health is deteriorating by day?”

  1. Libytheidae says:

    most have come to accept the fact they are on there way out of here. They fought a battle and didn’t win. I see people in there final day here welcome death.Most will accept hospice and take the drugs they give and slip away very peacefully.When it goes like this there is very little trauma on the loved ones.Of course all passing is not this beautiful. Some will fight to live no matter what. To me I pray I am one of those that accept what is and just go on to where God wants me.

  2. renovee says:

    I’m sorry but that first post is so off base. Obviously has never witnessed a loved one pass away from cancer. First of all cancer is just one word for many diseases. In a singular term, you will find over 200 types of cancer. I saw my brother die from brain cancer. It spread to his spine. I knew what he was going through because of the words from is mouth. I remember when he was in Boston in one of the best hospitals in the world. He had chemo for an inoperable tumor. The chemo shrunk his tumor 90% and the doctors were quite happy with the outcome. They thought all would be good. Well about 3 months after chemo was stopped, he called me. He told me his tumor came back with a vengeance. It was now back to 100% just like it never even shrunk. Once that happened, he lost sight in one eye, he became deaf in one ear, he lost his sense of smell and taste. He was again put in the hospital where he became a danger to himself. He somehow was able to leave that hospital in only his Johnnie, called his wife and told her they were keeping him prisoner and come get him. His tumor effected his sense of reasoning, in fact, he lost all sense of himself. He was my brother, strong, handsome, now mutated cells took over this precious man and deteriorated him into something hard to describe. I prayed for his death just to release him from that agony. Yeah, I never thought I would do something like that.but I wanted peace for him. I loved him and lost him to cancer. He was only 50 yrs old. That’s what cancer does to people. My brother didn’t have a chance to accept his death with grace because cancer took that away from him. I was and other of my family members were blessed in that cancer did not take our lives. Don’t be fooled into thinking cancer is some graceful disease that once a person is afflicted he/she will gracefully accept death. No. it takes a while to bring yourself to that conclusion. I will fight with every ounce of breath before I give up.