Is it strange for a 15 year old to randomly write essays?

I usually write political manifestos, learned arguments, observations of daily life, and recollections. Many of the essays I write are in dialectical form. Writing is the only thing that allows me to properly asses the problems that arise daily in life from an objective standpoint. It also, for me, is a great way to cure boredom and apathy. Many essays I write are critiques of the status-quo and conventional wisdom (e.g. against capitalism and against neocolonialism). I am home-schooled and very much "self-educated," so I have plenty of time to research for my next essay. Honestly, I have written about 15 essays last year alone. I do not like to have other people read them, as I prize my independence to much to have my works edited and adjusted to what another person finds "acceptable".

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7 Responses to “Is it strange for a 15 year old to randomly write essays?”

  1. upturn says:

    If you enjoy it then go for it.

  2. ferritungstite says:

    When I was homeschooled, I was never able to motivate myself like that–it’s awesome that you can do that. Sometimes I scribble stuff like that down on a random page in my notebook during math class. I do write recollections down in essay form and make connections to the present quite often; I like how it sorts my thoughts out.I guess you could say it’s strange for a fifteen-year-old to do that, but I think it’s a good kind of strange.I love my private school (hate my old public school) but when it comes to creative fiction, I could never be told what to write. If I had the courage, I’d write an essay instead saying that creative fiction cannot be taught to self-inspried writers. (I do, quite often, write persuasive essays to my parents when I feel like a verbal crusade won’t make my point.)

  3. fehr says:

    No that’s not weird. I mean, some people probably would think so, but I don’t. :)

  4. gaskets says:

    The only thing that makes it strange is that unfortunately I don’t see too many teenagers like you with such awareness and ability to do these things. I could be wrong of course.Personally, if you enjoy it then by all means go for it and if anyone calls you weird or strange just tell them to piss off. Just don’t be in too much of a mindset where you act like a know-it-all non-conformist. You come off ever so slightly arrogant in your question and that can be a detriment if you’re not careful. I wish you luck in your endeavors.

  5. DAKOTA says:

    You sound awesome :p im 15 and i wish i was like you.. But i hate writing and english :/

  6. subplinth says:

    No if you like doing that no it isn’t strange. If you take pride in your work more power to you

  7. steepen says:

    That’s completely norm. I have the same hobby