Saving a document to a flash drive!?

Well I typed a 20 page essay on Microsoft 2007, I don't have a printer so I had to save it to a flash drive then print it out on our main printer downstairs. Well well I plugged it it, the whole format got messed up, since your main desktop is Microsoft 2000. Like on my laptop the first section for my essay will be from pages 1-3, but on the desktop its now pages 1-5. Well my printer ran out of ink, so I now have to take it to Fed Ex, and I'm worried I'll get the same problems (with the page layout).

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  1. voetter says:

    Maybe you should also save it as an older version (like 2003). When you click “Save AS” it will give you the option to save in an older format. Don’t write over your original, give it a new name, maybe with a 2003 after it. Good luck, sounds pretty frustrating.