Should I bother apply early action to Stanford University?

GPA: 3.98 (Unweighted)Rank: I'm fairly certain that I'm in the top 10% SAT: 2230APS/honors taken during high school: 10-11SAT II: Math 2 -> 760 Chemistry--> 780Clubs:MUN -------> 4 years General AmbassadorThe Bridge (Anti-discrimination and charity club) --------> President/ founderFrench Club---> President NHS FNHS Work:I started a small website developer company that I use to help my family pay for basic stuff. And I recently started a blog because I heard that over time it could help me make money.Other Activities:French- Arabic Summer camp counselorAlgeria International Medical Hospital InternNewspaper---> Editor (I'm hoping to make Editor-and-Chief next year)Haiti Fundraiser Committee chair Science Museum Life Science Intern---> a year with over a hundred hours Intern at Governor’s officeAwards:A couple Scholastic Writing/Art Awards but that it. <--- my lack of awards will probably hurt meEssays:I've started a couple of the Stanford supplements that never change and there really good. I'm going to spend the entire summer on this application so the essays should be great. ---> I used to be bulimic, so I'm considering writing about the struggles I dealt with being bulimic in a lower class household with parents that were really focused on image. I'm obviously recovered and want to be a doctor in order to help other people who suffered with issues similar to or even harsher than mine.I was also considering talking about my time in the Algerian medical center. It was a extremely disheartening experience because a lot of the procedures that we take for granted in America are the only procedures that they are able to perform in Algeria. My saddest moment was having to hold someone's hand while they died of a bursted appendix. As poor as I am, it made me feel grateful to be an American citizen.Recommendations:Both the teachers I plan on asking are on very good terms with me. I speak to them like I would a friend, and they know me on a personal level. I am,however, confused on whether or not asking a teacher with a PH.D. would be more beneficial. I know said teacher likes me and knows I'm a good student, but she has the most students out of any other teacher in the school AND teaches at two separate universities. Lastly:I'm African-American <-- should I write that on the app or choose not to answerIncome Bracket: My family makes 26,000 dollars a year. My dad is unemployed, my mom is a part-time teacher, and I own a small website design company that contributes to small stuff like the occasional grocery or school supply trip.THE BAD:I have a W on my transcript from my sophomore year when I withdrew from AP classWhat may help:The only time I ever got a B was in Biology during my freshman year.

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  1. Gokuraku says:

    From what you stated in your Yahoo! notes, your application looks unusually good. You don’t have to be concerned about a W (withdrawal) or one B grade that your received because it was already explained by the AP class that you mentioned. I would suggest that you remove your family’s annual income from your personal statement. Your essay and personal statement will be judged how hard your worked, whether your extracurricular activities were related to the community and volunteering within one of those charities, and whether your work made a positive contribution to the needy parts of the your community. I will comment on some of the items that may need some changes. I don’t see anything that is a liability for your application to Stanford. On the other hand, letters of recommendation from the important people in your community that know you well are preferred Those kind of letters would be better in your admission packet. I will point out that your approach to the admissions packet you are working on may need some changes, but all of that would be small potatoes compared to the number of items that were described. I don’t think that you need to mention your family income. The admissions committee will know that from the formal application that you are making. The admissions committee will see your GPA and you need not mention that. Finally, there are three things that you have not mentioned in your notes on your Yahoo question that are important. If you can explain why you chose Stanford University as the university you wanted to attend. If you could do that, it will improve your application. Then, if you could describe what major area you will focus on in your studies at Stanford. that would be a good thing. After that, one final thing remains. How would you change your community, your state, your nation, and the nations of the world because of your degree from this university. Good luck.