Two people who are successful in their minds?

I am writing an essay on how I believe success to be a mental state, meaning that someone doesn't have to have all of the things that people consider "successful", like large amounts of money, being famous, or whatever, provided that they are happy and content with their lives, and consider themselves successful. I have an example for someone who was considerd successful but wasn't happy and killed himself, so I need two examples of people who are mentally successful please. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Two people who are successful in their minds?”

  1. baetulus says:

    when you let others define success then you will always be unsuccessful in their eyes, only when you define your own success can you be successful in your “own” eyes.

  2. camey says:

    psychotics and daydream believers

  3. hysterocele says:

    You might consider there are three levels of “success” in fact.One is in ones brain, where one thinks one is successful and this is the least stable form of success and it occurs to those who are suddenly thrust into “success”. This is the success of rock stars, young athletes, and lottery winners. These people have no way of relating to the external environmental pressure and this demands them to dive deep within themselves and many find this too fearful and commit suicide rather than expose what they fear hidden within their own MIND realms.The next is success at a mental [or MIND] level, and this is a form of Delusional Thinking fed to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain as part of ones Fate Karma that one designed for this life. This of course requires one to have lived a sufficient number of lifetimes to “earn” the emotional strength to support and properly utilize success.The third type of success is one held within ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul] and this rests upon ones being at Peace within oneself, and this requires one to have risen above ones MIND realm, and above ones habit of thinking. This is often said to be Spiritual enlightenment, and this takes many, many lifetimes to achieve and this also takes having worked through a great deal of Karma, and to have obtained a great deal of Knowledge. Knowledge is the result of the completion of Karma, and ones Karma is converted into Knowledge via ones Esotransmutation, or the cooperative workings of several Esoteric dimensions within oneself.Use any part you would like…Peace

  4. Babiism says:

    mother teresa,john paul the 2nd