What are my chances of getting accepted into these colleges?

I applied to Texas A'M and UT-Austin.Class Rank: 130/645 (top quarter)SAT: CR-580 Math-670 Writing-730 (Total: 1980)GPA: 4.05 (weighted)Wrote all 3 essaysTexas residentMajors (for UT): 1st choice- Biochemistry 2nd choice - Undeclared, College of Natural SciencesMajors (A'M)1st choice - Biochemistry2nd choice - Aerospace EngineeringI'll have about 200+ hours of volunteering by the end of this year. I was in varsity track & field freshman year and an athletic trainer sophomore year. And I'm in a few clubs at school (NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Best Buddies, Prom Committee, and a school-wide volunteer organization). I'm also taking 2 AP courses this year.If there are any more details i need to include, please let me know. So, what are my chances of getting into these school/majors? I applied in November, but I've become extremely nervous as of late...since I know I won't be hearing back from these schools for quite awhile.

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  1. disannex says:

    Dear Texas-Have confidence! You are a very well rounded individual with good grades, interest in extra-curricular activities and community service hours. It shows that you are a dedicated and hard working student. Your SAT scores are good, the average student scores 1500, the maximum you can score is a 2400. Colleges are looking for candidates with good grades, high SAT score and well rounded personality. Talk to your career counselor and ask them what you need to do to get into the school of your dreams. Check out this web page for entrance info on Texas A’M: [external link] …Good Luck in all you do!

  2. motorizes says:

    Muahaha, got accepted to A’M! still waiting on UT tho… Report Abuse

  3. outplods says:

    Not very good, I’m afraid. They are stuck with the top 10% rule, and don’t have room even for that group.Did you apply to any other schools? Texas Tech? Trinity U in San Antonio [outstanding engineering program].? UTEP?