What comes after the third paragraph C+E Essay.?

Okay I have to do a cause and effect essay for my english class and I was wondering what comes after the third paragraph.I have this much:-Thesis-Causes-EffectsWhat now? It has to be five paragraphs (at least). What do I put after it?Oh! And if you could tell me how to do my research page. We have to put it in alphabetical order listing the sites we used and who made the site, when the site was made, and whatnot. So if you could answer my questions it would be really helpful. Thanks!

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  1. gelada says:

    Organize each cause with each effect in a ‘chunk’ approach. Focus on each cause and explain its connection with its effect in each paragraph. Make connections between separate paragraphs for added flow if you can–your teacher will definitely give you a thumbs up. Or bonus marks, if that’s your thing.You’ll forgive me for not posting any examples, Its 1:04 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’m assuming u want a works cited at the end. No prob. A works cited maker for you. [external link] …Enter your stuff in the fields, and theirs one entry in your works cited. There, I just saved you tons of time on that. One last thing. Spread that website around. Be a hero. :D

  2. brachiosaurus says:

    Well you can always put the similarities or the differences between the cause and effect and then the concluding paragraph.