What do i have to do to get into brown university early admission?

as of may my sat scores arent so great, 540 critical reading, 620 math. my gpa is around a 3.65 maybe higher now. i ve taken 3 ap classes so far and im a rising senior. ive taken a number of independent classes that i take at home. ive been a rhythmic gymnast on a proffessional level for most of my life including highschool career and that is what my essay is about. ive volunteered for 2 years at a health clinic and ive participated in a school show as well as the math honor society. I know my sat scores are not enough for brown but is there a point of applying for early decision?

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2 Responses to “What do i have to do to get into brown university early admission?”

  1. wlodyka says:

    Sorry to be so blunt. It is already too late.You will get into some good schools. I think the Ivy League is out of your range.

  2. chileans says:

    Donate a major building, really, that would be the only way.I’m sorry to be so blunt, but do you have a college counselor? I am shocked that no one has told you Brown is unrealistic and helped you find some schools you have a chance at.