From the Cradle to College

How To Empower Your Child To Create Their Own Summer Tutoring Plan

Rather than looking forward to a relaxing vacation on the high seas, you are already stressed about the academic school year. Your children have fallen behind at school. They do not want to do the textbook math exercises. And the European nanny with three languages and the math scholarship is banned from traveling abroad. Study plans overboard!

Here's your life jacket. With a satellite Internet connection and remote tutoring services, your children can study any subject with their favorite tutors. The challenge is, how do you convince them to study while sailing the high seas? By empowering your child to discover their greatness.

Empower Your Child to Create Their Own Summer Education Program 

From the school they attend to educational tutoring after school, all aspects of education are controlled by parents and teachers. But what happens when you empower your child to make decisions about their education? You will raise a child with higher motivation to learn and raised self-esteem. Empowered, your child will be more innovative and creative towards their approach to learning. 

Set Up a Study Schedule Based on Flex Time

Start by letting go of structured study time. No different from you and your colleagues at work, when your children choose their own work hours, their motivation and productivity are higher. 

Let Your Child Choose the Subjects and Tutors

Online tutoring services provide a unique opportunity for a child to choose their own topics. They can even choose their own tutors. If you are a control freak, however, the full benefits of empowerment will not be realized. If your child wants to study math skills with a specific tutor, they will work harder to impress the tutor of their choice. 

Find Online Study Groups 

Encourage your child to form online study groups with classmates over a video conferencing app. Some tutoring services will provide ways for students to connect and share ideas and lesson help. 

Make It Fun and Rewarding

All work and no play would make for a dull summer vacation. There is no reason why remote tutoring has to be limited to mandatory tutoring topics. Being able to also choose between art, singing, yoga, or any other hobby or skill your child wants to learn introduces a new dimension to learning — continuous learning and self-improvement. Individuals who pursue both find more joy and personal fulfillment in life.

Remote tutoring services provide a unique opportunity to empower your child to take control of their own learning and personal development. You do not need the nanny, after all. Your child has their summer education plan under control.

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