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Is Daycare Safe During COVID-19?

If you are a working parent with no one at home to watch your children, you may wonder how safe it is to take your kids to daycare during COVID-19. In an effort to help you make a decision that you can feel good about, here are a few things to look for in a daycare:

Local Regulations

Depending on where you live in the nation, there may be regulations as to how many people can be gathered in one place at a time. This will depend on what phase of reopening they are in. Make sure that before you bring your child to daycare you pay attention to your local regulations. After all, they are in place to protect the community. 

Cleaning Procedures

The cleaning procedures that your daycare has instituted will greatly determine how safe your child will be in their care. The Center for Disease Control recommends that every surface be sanitized before and after an individual use. This means that daycare facilities will spend a considerable amount of time cleaning each day to remove any germs that could be dangerous for your children. 


In an effort to make sure that no sick children attend daycare, many facilities have instituted screening procedures. This could be in the form of a questionnaire for parents asking if their child has been sluggish or has had a fever. Other facilities will take attending children's temperatures each day before they are admitted to the facility. These screening are crucial to make sure that the children are safe. 

Contact Policies

You should also look into how your daycare is going to enforce social distancing. Some daycares are not allowing children to touch, while others simply limit the number of children that they allow in the building each day. Other facilities with older children may require that they wear a mask. You should also ask if the employees of the facility are going to wear a mask throughout the day. 

In conclusion, the safety of your child really depends on how your daycare facility responds to the challenge of COVID-19. If your facility is careful and vigilant it can be a safe place for your child. However, you should go with your gut. You as a parent know what is best for your child. Make sure to pay attention to the feel you are getting from your child's daycare facility. Chances are they are just as concerned about the safety of your child as you are. 

For more information about daycare and precautions, contact a local daycare service.