How do I write a classification/division essay?

I’m doing mine on various types of travelers you’d find in an airport.

I suck at writing essays I can’t! what books do you recommend me?

I want a book that also tells me like the common mistakes in english language I’m a foreigner and I’m going to UCSD I want to A’s those essays! thanks :D

Twilight & the vampire diaries. is that a good topic for a compare/contrast essay?

yes, very good topic to work on!Good luck!

What comes after the third paragraph C+E Essay.?

Okay I have to do a cause and effect essay for my english class and I was wondering what comes after the third paragraph.I have this much:-Thesis-Causes-EffectsWhat now? It has to be five paragraphs (at least). What do I put after it?Oh! And if you could tell me how to do my research page. We have to put it in alphabetical order listing the sites we used and who made the site, when the site was made, and whatnot. So if you could answer my questions it would be really helpful. Thanks!


Our teacher has asked us to explain one problem that we feel exist in this world, what we want to do about it, and why it matters. I chose bullying. I feel that is a huge problem that exist in this world. However, I’m somewhat stuck on my body paragraphIn my first body paragraph, I’m supposed to talk about: – Why I think bullying exist in the world- But how can I explain something like in my body without backing it up with my 3rd and 4th body paragraph (what you want to do about it and why it matters) Can you please tell me how I can organize my essay, with the guidlines I have told you!Highest points for best answer!Thank you!

What are my chances of getting accepted into these colleges?

I applied to Texas A’M and UT-Austin.Class Rank: 130/645 (top quarter)SAT: CR-580 Math-670 Writing-730 (Total: 1980)GPA: 4.05 (weighted)Wrote all 3 essaysTexas residentMajors (for UT): 1st choice- Biochemistry 2nd choice – Undeclared, College of Natural SciencesMajors (A’M)1st choice – Biochemistry2nd choice – Aerospace EngineeringI’ll have about 200+ hours of volunteering by the end of this year. I was in varsity track & field freshman year and an athletic trainer sophomore year. And I’m in a few clubs at school (NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Best Buddies, Prom Committee, and a school-wide volunteer organization). I’m also taking 2 AP courses this year.If there are any more details i need to include, please let me know. So, what are my chances of getting into these school/majors? I applied in November, but I’ve become extremely nervous as of late…since I know I won’t be hearing back from these schools for quite awhile.

What “invention” did Vannevar Bush write about in a 1945 essay?

He wrote about the Memex (which is essentially the personal computer) and links or “associative trails” between articles that we now call hypertext. A visionary, indeed. Hope this helps”In 1945, Bush authored the article “As We May Think” in the Atlantic Monthly in which he first proposed his idea of the Memex machine. This machine was designed to help people sort through the enormous amount of published information available throughout the world. His article described a Memex as a “device in which an individual stores his books, records and communications and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility. It is an enlarged intimate supplement to his memory.”This description, which was written about 30 years before the invention of the personal computer and 50 years before the birth of the public World Wide Web, lays out the notion of the modern link. The Memex was to be a storage and retrieval device using microfilm that would consist of a desk with viewing screens, a keyboard, selection buttons and levers, and microfilm storage. The machine would augment human memory by allowing the user to make links, or “associative trails,” between documents. Bush proposed the notion of blocks of text joined by links and introduced the terms links, linkages, trails and Web through his descriptions of a new type of textuality. Bush’s article greatly influenced the creators of what we know as “hypertext” and how we use the Internet today. (Ted Nelson coined the term “hypertext” in 1967). ” [external link]

Help with ‘A view from the bridge’ please someone?

I’m in Year 11 and one of my assigned coursework is ‘A view from the bridge’, which I already have done but the teacher returned to me today as I totally flopped it. The question for the coursework piece is: Describe the relationship between Eddie and Catherine in ‘A view from the bridge’Can someone please help me with this? After marking my original essay, my teacher put; “This could be a good essay; you offered some insight into the characters. Refer to title in your essay. You were supposed to write about Act 1 – Boxing Scene, Language, Audience Reaction and Stagecraft.Can someone help me with this please? I don’t remember the play and I didn’t even understand it.Thanks!

Is it strange for a 15 year old to randomly write essays?

I usually write political manifestos, learned arguments, observations of daily life, and recollections. Many of the essays I write are in dialectical form. Writing is the only thing that allows me to properly asses the problems that arise daily in life from an objective standpoint. It also, for me, is a great way to cure boredom and apathy. Many essays I write are critiques of the status-quo and conventional wisdom (e.g. against capitalism and against neocolonialism). I am home-schooled and very much “self-educated,” so I have plenty of time to research for my next essay. Honestly, I have written about 15 essays last year alone. I do not like to have other people read them, as I prize my independence to much to have my works edited and adjusted to what another person finds “acceptable”.

What do you think of this sarcastic essay? Read please…it’s pretty funny! ?

My friends and I joke around with our history teacher…he’s really sarcastic and funny…we’re gonna give this to him. What do you think? In the schools around the world students are forced to write countless essays on unusually boring, constantly pointless topics that waste money, paper and time. Not only are we killing helpless trees that could be home to many happy furry monkeys, but many poor, defenseless kids, teens (not saying this is us, of course!) and old people are developing carpel tunnel, really! Now why the heck are our poor students’ being tortured? Just lock us in a room with rabid bunnies, for goodness’ sake! It’s much more humane! Let students use their brain juice for something more useful like…saving the smurfs. I haven’t seen a smurf in like, 7 years…let’s join together all our teenagers and go find those little blue guys! Seriously…essays? They stink. When I write an essay, I sit for hours and hours thinking of the best possible way to attack this major pain known as an essay. Now, it’s not always difficult to write essays…I will give you that, I suppose. But when one is told to be serious and not to use sarcasm…how do you even DO that?! I cannot even comprehend how to remove sarcasm and wit from a writing that is supposed to include my opinion. How the heck is one supposed to include her opinion without using any type of comical language or expression? Plus, you are the one who said, “One you go to school and get an education, you are a whore.” So I guess that means that we don’t have to get an education! (that was TOTAL sarcasm right there…in case this paper isn’t screaming that loudly enough!) But, don’t think this essay is just a unique form of a complaint. After all, there are some fun things about essays. (what am I saying?!) When writing an essay, I mess up way too many times to count…but thanks to that my paper basketball aim has gotten SO much better! And also, I learned that I can, in fact, burn holes through paper with just an eraser…which will definitely pay off in the long run! AND I can NOT forget this important detail; I have learned every possible way to procrastinate including, but not limited to, recounting my toes, cleaning my room (yeah, seriously) watching boring documentaries about how toothpaste caps are made and even voluntarily doing the dishes and shoveling the driveway. I have come to find that procrastination can actually be quite amusing for parents who want their children to do their chores… In conclusion, Mr. Jackson, you are an awesome teacher. And tell me that you didn’t know we were going to give you a hard time and write this ridiculously awesome essay about how terrible essays are. (exactly, you can’t!) Sorry it’s so long!