How do you think Marilyn Monroe lived the american dream?

I’m doing an essay on american dreams and i have to get opinions of others, Please help. thanks (:

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i had to do a essay for fashion class about Giorgio Armani. Here is the beginning of my essay. Can anyone tell if its okay, and edit it for spelling and grammar ? thank you! On January 31st Lady Gaga light up the red carpet as she arrived in an outfit that looked like a planet on its own. The lilac dress was accompanied with towering platforms and a pointy star. The outfit, a work of art by itself was the icon of the night. “The dress represented not only beauty but my spirit and essence as an artist” said Gaga. Of course the question was who the designer of this amazing dress that completed the night. Well let me give you a hint. On top of the fashion world for over a corded of a century he is the most successful designer to come out of Italy. He feels the jacket is the single most important article of clothing. And his clean, tailored lines set off a fashion revolution. He is Giorgio Armani.

Open Office Fonts Are Printing Differently?

I have written an essay that needs to be printed for a school assignment. However, no matter what I seem to do, the writting appears bolded in certain sections despite not being bolded! I have reformatted the fonts to all be Times New Roman 12 with the style as Text body and yet randomly sections are printed in bold! It does not appear this way in print preview and it is driving me nuts!Please help me!

Whats a good internet article on Global Warming?

I need to wright a two page essay on global warming but i cant find an internet article

Which rights and freedoms are at issue?

I’m doing a persuasive essay and this is what I chose to do:A man has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman whose religion requires her to wear a facial covering when in public. During the man’s trial, the woman testifies against him in court. Based on a law giving an accused person the right to face his accuser in court, the judge tells her that she must remove her veil while she is on the stand. Is this fair? Why or why not? Which rights and freedoms are at issue?My opinion: It is not fair.+ Thanks in advance!

Biology essay questions, I have a few things I’m not sure of?

I have to come up with an answer for this essay question and you ahve to compare Photosynthesis and Aerobic Respiration. I did the basics but I’m not sure if i have these things correct.where in the cell these processes take place, what types of cells are involved, and the cyclical nature of these processesAny help is great or even if you know where i could possibly find the information; great. Thanks in advance.

American Dream and Philosopher suggestions?

My name is Joyce and I’m doing an American dream essay on the Great Gatsby and the American dream. We must use a philosopher’s theory and reason as to why the dream is an illusion or not. I had Plato in mind, as he did have theories on the ideal and non-ideal word, but I’m not sure which of his works that comes from and I must know that work. Pls help if you guys have any idea as to what his work is and/or suggest a philosopher whose theories can relate to the American Dream (and include from which of his or her work) Thank you for your help in my search!

Bible question essay?

1 choose review song 2 following and write ( including 2 biblical references)

When is conflict first presented in an inspector calls?

im busy setting out the plan for my essay, but without the book at home, im struggling to remember when conflict between the birling family is first presented.your help would really be appreciated!:)x

Plz tell me about Reservation Act of India and its new relating wid it I need to do my essay?

go to and click on the international links.