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What “invention” did Vannevar Bush write about in a 1945 essay?

He wrote about the Memex (which is essentially the personal computer) and links or “associative trails” between articles that we now call hypertext. A visionary, indeed. Hope this helps”In 1945, Bush authored the article “As We May Think” in the Atlantic Monthly in which he first proposed his idea of the Memex machine. This machine […]

Plz tell me about Reservation Act of India and its new relating wid it I need to do my essay?

go to usa.gov and click on the international links.

Help with questions about Beowulf?

I have a few essay topics from Beowulf I need a little help with in answering. If you’re familiar with any of these, please offer suggestions. Don’t feel inclined to answer them all. Thanks.1. Throughout Beowulf, there are numerous examples of fratricide. In regards to the time and customs, why would this be the worst […]

Any body want to give me a brief summary about the world of Psychiatry?

make it like a 1 or 3 paragraph essay you have to turn it in in a university, in order to get the full points to be picked for the best answer.

Is TV Good?P.S. if you have bad things about it Dont come here I’ve got enuf of them. thx?

Ok, Im do a Essay on “TV good or Bad?”. I’ve got enuf bad things aboutTV but I’ve got nothing good about TV, lol help please.

Pyramus and Thisbe: A Midsummer Night’s Dream…how can I structure an essay about these two?

So we’re required to write an essay for Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and I wanted to write it on Pyramus and Thisbe and how Shakespeare weaves the play within a play. Any suggestions…like a thesis or some points to keep in mind in while writing the essay?

I need something about tolerance/accepting some connection etc.?

i am writing an essay of tolerance an intolerance and i need something about tolerance for example: excepting others to be ur friend

Can anyone help me? I have an essay about a dramatic change… can someone proofread it! 20 points!?

Can someone help me proofread edit and revise my story its looking bad and I need help Can some one proofread it by like copying and pasteing it nd editing it or someone cud help me by just giving me sum strong opinions I wud appreciate them both! it if u like it just keep […]

Are there any books about history that would supplement my “What is history?” essay?

I need to read about things such as: What is history for? Who writes history? How is history written?More about what history actually IS, not a particular history about something or someone.

Should I write about diversity or abundance?

For a biology essay on how pollution affected molluscs living in the area.