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Should I bother apply early action to Stanford University?

GPA: 3.98 (Unweighted)Rank: I’m fairly certain that I’m in the top 10% SAT: 2230APS/honors taken during high school: 10-11SAT II: Math 2 -> 760 Chemistry–> 780Clubs:MUN ——-> 4 years General AmbassadorThe Bridge (Anti-discrimination and charity club) ——–> President/ founderFrench Club—> President NHS FNHS Work:I started a small website developer company that I use to help […]

Has affirmitive action benefited minorities in women?

Has affirmitive action benefited minorities in women?This is a question for a socials essay and im not quite sure what to make of it, will you give me your opinion?

How did brutus’s speech change the direction of action in the play?

i have to answer this in a short essay, the question ask’s Explain the importance of Brutus’s speech at the funeral in Julius Caesar. Be sure to include how it changed the direction of the action in the play……..please help thanks…

Royal Mail and Fedex are planning a merger. Evaluate on the potential impacts of this action.?

That’s my essay question and I’m really stuck, any help will be greatly appreciated!

What does call your audience to action mean?

Im trying to do this essay on bullying but i dont know what this means please help

What are my chances of getting into UVA- Early Action?

I applied to UVA via Early Action and want to know what my chances are of getting accepted because I really need to get into a school incase my reach schools dont work out(ie. Yale, Stanford, UPENN, Brown, Notre Dame, Emory, USC) I have a 3.7 uw and 4.2 Weighted GPA with 7 AP classes(Calc, […]