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How does Chaucer fit into his age?

I’m not real big on Middle English literature, but I’m taking a Chaucer class. The professor wants us to write an essay about how Chaucer fits into his age. Specifically, I need to discuss motifs, themes, genres, ideas, etc. comparing Chaucer’s work to other authors, such as Margery Kemp, John Gower, and other authors of […]

I need a killer persuasive essay topic. Not a lame one like the death penalty, or driving age. Please help!?

Why my mom and dad should get back together. (guaranteed tear jerker, even if your M’D are fine. LOL)

What would you write about for a essay on diversity in accounting if it’s not race, age?

You can write about diversities among people regarding religion, lifestyles, clothes, beliefs, choices, etc. Please choose it as the best answer if you like it.

Darwin became ill at a relatively young age. How did his illness change his life?

As well as launching into this intensive study of transmutation, Darwin became mired in more work. While still rewriting his Journal, he took on editing and publishing the expert reports on his collections, and with Henslow’s help obtained a Treasury grant of £1,000 to sponsor this multi-volume Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle. He […]

Why should young people (or any age) care…?

about recycling?trying to write an introduction for an essay…

What lines in Romeo & Juliet show Lady Capulet’s age?

I’m asking this on a bit of a whim because I doubt, unless you have a copy of the play at hand, you would know this fact exactly. I know that Lady Capulet is “about” 26 and she had Juliet at 13 but I’m re-drafting an English essay and my teacher has written “find the […]