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How do you think Marilyn Monroe lived the american dream?

I’m doing an essay on american dreams and i have to get opinions of others, Please help. thanks (:

American Dream and Philosopher suggestions?

My name is Joyce and I’m doing an American dream essay on the Great Gatsby and the American dream. We must use a philosopher’s theory and reason as to why the dream is an illusion or not. I had Plato in mind, as he did have theories on the ideal and non-ideal word, but I’m […]

How have HBCUs (historical black colleges) contributed to American history?

Why are HBCUs relevant today? What lessons can we learn? im writing an essay for a scholarship. please help me answer those questions

Hos is rhapsody in blue and afrom man considered american music?

What stylistic element is common to both pieces? Why does this element reflect the United States?the other piece is stills asfro american …. i am lost….it is a essay i have a idea but i am completely blank

Any recommendations for fictional/informative and inspiring books relevant to American Civil Rights Movement?

Hi everyone,I want to do an extended project on the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s/60s. This is basically an AS equivalent, dissertation style essay. I want to begin this by reading a good, fairly historically accurate fictional book that can inspire me in this that is maybe set during this time or is […]

Whats an Interesting event in American history?

I know there is alot of interesting events but i need to write an essay for History. The subject is “An important part of American history that still impacts us today.” The essay needs to be 600-800 words, so im having trouble coming up with somthing. Any ideas?

I’m applying to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, but…?

I have one question about the online application. It simply says, “Personal Goals and Objectives.” Nothing else. I’ve also downloaded the printable application, which merely says “please attach a brief essay about your personal goals and objectives.” How long should I make my essay?

Suggestion about 5 paragraph essay topic “What American Tradition That Should Be Banned”?

The tradition I chose is buying an Easter dress for Easter Sunday. I need 2 more reasons to write my 2nd and 3rd body paragraphs. The first example for my essay that I am using is the cost, so what is your opinion about why buying new dresses or suits for Easter dresses should be […]

Can the American Dream work in other countries?

I’m learning about the “American Dream” in history and I was just wondering, could the American Dream work in other countries? Like for example, give people who aren’t in America freedom. I have to write an essay and I was just wondering if I can add “helping out other countries”.

Can someone do my what is the American dream essay?

Directions- essay should be at least 3 paragraphs (intro body conclusion) The American dream shapes all of American history. It is the foundation of the core believes and values that all Americans adhere. Explain what the American dream is and evaluate whether or not the American dream still exists. Do you think it is still […]