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Analysis of John Donne’s poem “la corona”?

i need a lot of help. im writing an essay on this poem. i have a few ideas, but i need more insight on what poetic elements he uses, conceits, diction, and so forth. please! here’s the poem:LA CORONA. I. Deign at my hands this crown of prayer and praise, Weaved in my lone devout […]

Where can I find a good analysis of Chopin prelude #11?

I need to do a full analysis of prelude #11 in B major and i can’t seem to find any good analysis. I need more than “its sounds happy” or “it sounds like a dragonfly” because I need to write an essay and provide a complete harmonic analysis.

Analysis of language between Juliet and Lord capulet?

For the main section of my Romeo and Juliet essay I need to do a analysis of language between Juliet and Lord capulet – his anger and outrage at Juliet’s disobedience in Act 3 Scene 5, I’m stuck. Anyone got any ideas on hat to write? Some quotes would be helpful as well. Thanks

I need help writing a literary analysis on Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)…?

I am choosing to write the literary analysis on Juliet…This is what was instructed by our English teacher:-Choose the main character you find most interesting (either Romeo or Juliet), and write a five-paragraph literary analysis of that character. -Your essay must: -Include a clear, original thesis about your chosen character. -Support your thesis with at […]

Could i have some help with a poetry analysis of John Donnes poem “Batter my heart three person’d god: for you?

I need to provide a reading of the poem, and write an essay commenting on the relation of this poem to other poems by John Donne, as well as what the poem actually means, and the use of similes and metaphors, the rhythm and patter in the poem. I could really use some help. The […]

MAJOR HELP! How to write a Literary Analysis Essay on a novel?

The teacher is asking us to write an literary analysis essay on a novel we read, describing the techniques used to create the piece of literature. How do you do this properly?

I need some help on starting my literary analysis paper?

I am doing it on both “At the ‘Cadian Ball” and ” The Storm” by Kate ChopinI know i have to say in the intro the story i am using, and i need to use a sentence that is not boring.Also do i say anything about the characters? If so, in the intro? or do […]

Essay about Poem : To an Athlete Dying Young… help with analysis?

i need to write a essay about this.. and im just having some trouble with the main body paragraphs, could someone help explain to the best of their ability maybe the rhythem of the poem? or the language? imagry? the more the better! because ill use ur information and write it in my analysis

I need to write a literary analysis on an important secondary character in romeo and juliet.?

the objective is to write a multi paragraph essay examining how a secondary character plays an essential role in Romeo and juliet, using a literary analysis.if anyone has their old essay, just email it to me! please i am really in trouble here.

Main Quotes on Tom Robinson, (character analysis in ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’?

Essay on Tom Robinson and how Harper Lee presents him to us? So I need some main quotes (and maybe page number), please help this is towards my GCSE grade User tags:content