anyone? essay

Anyone knows how to download books for free?

i’m searching for books entitled:100 Successful College Application Essays 50 Successful Harvard Application Essays, Second Edition: What Worked for Them Can Help You Get into the College of Your Choicei want to download themthanks

Can anyone help me? I have an essay about a dramatic change… can someone proofread it! 20 points!?

Can someone help me proofread edit and revise my story its looking bad and I need help Can some one proofread it by like copying and pasteing it nd editing it or someone cud help me by just giving me sum strong opinions I wud appreciate them both! it if u like it just keep […]

Does anyone know any good, reliable teenage suicide/self-harm websites?

Don’t worry, I am so not suicidal. I need this to write an essay about this issue for my portfolio in school. And please don’t direct me to wikipedia because I have already gone there. I hate the Jonas Brothers. I also hate Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus

Can anyone come up with a TITLE for this ESSAY? Best Answer…?

I am doing a comparison and contrast essay on which car brand is the best. I am going to talk about the following points:-reliability-value-performance-safetyIn my conclusion i state that HONDA and TOYOTA are the best car brands overall.Any help would be much appreciated.

CAn anyone tell me about the 369th division (harlem hell fighters) ?

i need this for tonight’s 500 word essay

Does anyone know of a reliable site where I can download Microsoft Office 2000?

Does anyone know of a reliable site where I can download Microsoft Office 2000?i have to finish this essay & i lost the CD = [!

Can anyone help me with 1920s-1930s Canadian History?

I’m doing an in class essay for Canadian History about the emergence of profession sports, the years we have to focus our information on are the 1920s and the 1930s.Does anyone know a really good descriptive link that talks about baseball and basketball in the 1920s and 1930s.I have already wrote a paragraph about hockey.Thank […]

Anyone Can Think Of A Good Film Beginning,Except The Dark Knight?

I’m taking film studies and i have to write an essay on a good film beginning. I only can think of triple x, any other?

Does anyone have any info about an chicken powered car?I have to write a one page essay on it.?

I’m guessing you didn’t simply try googling it? [external link] …

Has anyone read Julius Caesar recently?

I have to write an essay but i cant figure out what the prompt wants me to do. Here it is: Many novels and plays explore the dilemma of a character faced with either a morally ambiguous situation or the discrepancy between a personal desire and public duty. In a well-written essay, examine how Brutus […]