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Should I bother apply early action to Stanford University?

GPA: 3.98 (Unweighted)Rank: I’m fairly certain that I’m in the top 10% SAT: 2230APS/honors taken during high school: 10-11SAT II: Math 2 -> 760 Chemistry–> 780Clubs:MUN ——-> 4 years General AmbassadorThe Bridge (Anti-discrimination and charity club) ——–> President/ founderFrench Club—> President NHS FNHS Work:I started a small website developer company that I use to help […]

Can anyone explain the major enlightenment ideals and how they apply to two of the following pieces?

Tartuff, Candide, Phaedra, or an essay on man.

Should I apply to Amherst or Brandeis ED?

I know that these two schools are completely different but I’d like some outside advice.I have a 3.8 GPA, I’m retaking the ACT in Sept but I have a 32 in Eng, 30 in Math, and I’ve recently scored a 32 in Reading and 29 in Science while practicing. I’ve written a pretty good 500 […]

Should I apply Early Decision to Brown or am I way too late?

I’m a high school senior and i’m applying to brown university.the thing is, i was planning on doing early decision the whole timeand now i realized that i fell really behind. It’s October 13th, and then the application is due November 1st if I do early decision. I asked one teacher for letter of recommendation […]

Whether I should apply to top universities or not?

I am from Turkey. I want to pursue PhD degree in Middle/Near Eastern Studies in the USA. But I have a very low GRE score (550 verbal and 660 quantitive, my essay score not yet present). I have a BA degree with 3.51 out of 4.00 that means I was the top of my year […]

How should I apply to St. Francis College?

The website says that the admission requirements are the application, a transcript, SAT scores, an essay, and 2 recommendations. I know that the application and essay are submittted online and the transcript is sent by my school.But how do I submit recommendations (Should my guidance counselor send her recommendation by mail?) And is it enough […]

Should i apply for colleges online or through mail? common app?

the common app website and all the colleges and stuff say they “highly recommend” that you apply online. i really dont want to though because I am afraid something will go wrong or I will accidently submit something I dont want to. will it have an impact on my chances of getting in if i […]

Are essays required to apply to A CSU ( California State University)?

yea im a senior, and im just wondering, thanks!

Best books for SAT? what are the best books to reference in the SAT essay; which apply most to the essays?

as in STORYBOOKS, like shakespeare. im not looking for strategies.