asking? essay

B’A – Writers: Why it seems I’m just addicted to asking questions today…?

I’m not in a very answer-y mood, I’m in an ask-y mood and I have no idea what’s going to come out. – Do you prefer to write essays or short stories?- Do any of you feel that sometimes (all the time) your alternate world – the one in your imagination – is so much […]

Do I have to have a title for my college essay even if there is a prompt that is asking me me to write about?

the prompt is asking me to write a bibliographical essay. so do i still have to put a title..but there are other prompts that ask me different essay questions. thank you

In this essay is it asking for 300 words per ad or 300 words total?

nstruction: Analysis of each ad, should be about 300 words

Why do you think eminem is so talented:I am only asking eminem fans like me?

so I am writing a essay on my role model which is eminem I am supposed to explain all the reasons he is so talented,I know most of em my mind is just going blank i know he has the ability to freestyle and rhyme and flow when he spits his raps.He also raps bout […]

On my essay part of my introduction i start by asking questions where i will later answer?

on my revised rough draft she asked me to “address them” rather than ask them and somehow I’m stuck. i will copy past my questions here and can u help me on how i can rearrange it to address it and not ask instead? “this is how i start it’This brings us to some questions […]

Can you tell me what this is asking of me?

It’s for sociology.The sociological perspective helps us recognize that the lives of individuals are shaped by the forces of society. Explain, in a short essay, how the sociological perspective reveals “the general in the particular.” To illustrate, explain how society plays a part in your own decision to attend college. Do you think they just […]

Does anyone know a good way to start a persuasive essay asking for a raise?

Does anyone know a good way to start a persuasive essay asking for a raise? Its for my English class and I need to do super good on it. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Question: How should i go about asking my english teacher for essay help?

Well i know my english teacher rather well, i email him some of my poems and short storys and he says theri very unique and nicely done,And now i want to ask him for help on essays, how should i ask him in my email for help?

I need help understanding what this question is asking for an assignment?

I have to write a final essay for my philosophy class and I am not sure what the question is asking. The question is as follows:The documentary The Cove brought worldwide attention to the capture and slaughter ofdolphins in the Japanese village of Taiji. Many Westerners oppose the capture and slaughter ofdolphins in Japan, but […]

Can someone explain to me what this teacher is asking?

This is my essay question for my midterm.. can someone explain to me what this teacher wants me to say exactly? and if you have any tips on what I should write?thanks in advance!-Describe the historical development of the divisions which occured within Buddhism. Relate to the spread of Buddhism.