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Why is my period not coming, im stressing so bad!?

I last got my period on either 30th oct between 1st nov, i cant remember the exact dates to be honest, now its been between 30 and 31 days and I usually get my period every 24-29 days. I thought I was due to get it last week, because I kept flactuating in weight and […]

Can someone give me (legit) resource links about communism/capitalism good parts and bad?

I’m doing an essay about communism and capitalism, and while I have most of it finished, it’s mainly opinion, in a way. So I don’t have any resources yet. Like quotes or stuff from a resource. I got quotes and stuff. But i need one more body paragraph, that’s going to be about what could […]

Why does my drunk roommate smell so bad?

I am trying to write an essay and can’t focus because the entire room stinks. Ever since she came in, it’s smelled like a mix of alcohol and vomit, but she didn’t vomit. Eww…why does it smell so repulsive?

How according to Gandhi is British rule is India? Is it completely bad? Are all Indian traditions good?

This is a essay question from the book The essential Writings of Gandhi im just curious

My bad, I need help with an essay for A Midsummer’s nights Dream?

What are some examples of the play that show the benefits and drawbacks of an active human imagination?

Why is capitalism bad, and why is it good?

i need some more info for a essay

Is cancer good or bad?

For one of my classes, I have to write a 3 page essay answering the question, Is cancer good or bad? I can think of a million reasons why it would be bad, but why would my professor ever think that it could be a good thing?

United States Capitalism: Good or bad?

I’m writting an essay on capitalism in the United States during the 1890′s but not really sure if I should be pro capitalism or anti-capitalism. Can you give be both good or bad consequences of capitalism to help me choose which side to pick?

Capital punishment is bad?

Im learning about the law and such in school. I choose to do an essay on my view on Capital Punishment (Death sentence) in jails. Im a little “iffy” about both sides on whether its good or not.I would like to know if the Death Sentence actually costs the goverment money to be done?If so […]

Is being punctual bad? College essays?

I am writing a college essay, is it bad to say I am punctual? Im trying to say I am on time and not late and stuff.