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My friend blew off my birthday celebration to write a scholarship essay. Am I wrong for being mad?

Hear me out: Last weekend, me and one of my closest friends were talking about what we wanted to do on my birthday weekend. We knew we would party either Thursday or Friday and have dinner Saturday. So, on Wednesday I talked to her and said we were partying Thursday night, and I EMPHASIZED that […]

What are my chances of being accepted into Fordham U?

Hello! I’m going to apply to UCSB,Fordham,SDSU,NYU and many others. tell me what you think about my chances on being accepted.thanks!*Freshman Year GPA 3.33*Sophomore GPA 3.17 (bad)*Junior Year 4.0 (with extra enrichment classes taken)*Senior year I’m planning on getting higher than a 4.0 because i will be taking 2 honor courses.SAT 1890ACT 30*key club (community […]

Why is he being like this with me?

Right long shortish…I’ve known this lad (Jamie) for a lil while I’ve never actually met him in person properly purely because each time we’ve tried things happen un allowing us to be able to have a proper face to face conversation to make things a lil more difficult we live about two hours away from […]

I’m beginning to think I’m being taken advantage of?

It’s come as a scary revelation to me.Read one or both of these questions (both are generally the same problem but one is more in-detail). [external link] ;… [external link] ;…I mean, I know my mom does a lot and (sometimes) picks up after me when I just feel like crap sometimes and she works […]

Probability of being accepted to grad school if I take classes before applying into the program?

I am honestly very desperate to get into Boston University. The first time I applied, I was denied acceptance. My grades are all A’s with few B’s. My personal essay rocked. I honestly can’t see myself going anywhere else. How much would my chance of being accepted into the program increase if I were to […]

Question on college, GPA and being a resource student?

I’m going to apply to art colleges and culinary colleges, but the problems are that I’m a resource student and I have a 1.89 GPA. My only strong points that could help are my essay writing skills, my California High School Exit exam score, my grades in my art classes and my skill in art, […]

What is the quote about being misunderstood in Henry David Thoreau’s essay, Civil Disobedience?

I have read through Thoreau’s essay a couple of times already tonight and I cannot seem to find the part where he says something to the extent of being great is being misunderstood. I’m not sure if thats exactly what it says but it would be great if someone could help me out; I’m trying […]

What chances do I have of being accepted into a college under these conditions?

I’m a junior currently, and I’m about to take my first real SAT test. My PSAT scores were fairly high, passing 2200 each time I took it. I also took a few practice SATs (Not to be confused with the PSAT because they seemed to be different and included an essay) sponsored by a company […]

How does hamlet not being able to make choices effect his mother?

I have a three page essay due on how hamlet’s inability to make decisions effected major events and other major characters in the play. Can anyone please help me out?

**Is Anyone Else Sick Of Being Alone?

Ughh, I am SICK of it.. That girl from London (if you have read my past questions you know what im going on about) well other other week she told me that she really really liked me too and that she would be willing to have a long distance relationship with me. So we were […]