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What is the best laptop to get within my budget?

I am a junior in high school. My family’s computer is quite a few years old and sits in our living room. I have to younger siblings and it is very distracting to be typing up an essay when they are playing and my dad is watching TV. I want a good computer. I wouldn’t […]


Our teacher has asked us to explain one problem that we feel exist in this world, what we want to do about it, and why it matters. I chose bullying. I feel that is a huge problem that exist in this world. However, I’m somewhat stuck on my body paragraphIn my first body paragraph, I’m […]

If you work as a community service and they ask you to write an essay what are the best words can you put ?

i just want to write an essay about the community service that i did in some of my classrooms.i did clean those classes help the teachers check he test, quiz and help them put the notes in the grading books. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY I CAN MAKE THIS ESSAY.

What type of issues in canada is best for argument essay?

universal health care for all. Is it really effective?

My best friend is suicidal and bipolar, what should I do?

My best friend and I have been friends for 5 years and she’s always been suicidal and bipolar. She cuts herself when she’s sad and she recently started drinking alcohol, I told her to stop drinking, but she wouldn’t listen to me (she’s only 15). She told me that she wanted to jump out of […]

Best way to do a photo essay?

My little brother has to do a photo essay for school. What is the best to do this? I’m kind of just looking for a how-to page on how to do one.

Can anyone come up with a TITLE for this ESSAY? Best Answer…?

I am doing a comparison and contrast essay on which car brand is the best. I am going to talk about the following points:-reliability-value-performance-safetyIn my conclusion i state that HONDA and TOYOTA are the best car brands overall.Any help would be much appreciated.

What is the best way to end a persuasive essay?

I am writting about the evolution theory and i am against it so i want to end it but i want to use anything other then overalll or in conclusion i also wnt it to be a powerful ending that would leave an impact on da reader so plzz help…

What type of paper/essay is best to send in for graduate school admissions?

they want a 15-20 page paper (usually a paper that you did for a course) demonstrating your writing abilities. so what kind of paper? research, analytical, original research, etc?

I need you to write an essay on the importance of choosing a best answer?

The best essay will get at least 11 points