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How have HBCUs (historical black colleges) contributed to American history?

Why are HBCUs relevant today? What lessons can we learn? im writing an essay for a scholarship. please help me answer those questions

I have an essay that I have to write who was the first black baseball player in the major leagues?

I don’t like writing and I need help with my thesis to help with the flow of the essay. I know that it is either Bud Fowler, Moses Fleetwood Walker and Jackie Robinson. I need to get it started

Black Beauty Essay Help!?

I am doing an essay for my english class on Black Beauty and this is the question I need help on. Please help asap! Thanks!Many readers of Black Beauty, such as Sewell biographer Susan Chitty, realize that if the book was written to educate those who handle horses, then it was written for working- class […]

Black holes expository essay?

I need to write an expository essay for my english class and I very interested in theoretical concepts of black holes, time, existence, quantum concepts, etc. My teacher says we need to write on either “how something comes about” or “why some is as it is”…i’m fairly sure i still want to write on one […]

What could an essay focus be for comparing dracula -bram stoker and the woman in black – susan hill.?

for the title of my a level english lit coursework u have to be comparing 2 books and find a link of focus between the two.e.g a comparison of the presentation of monsters in dracula and frankenstein.or a comparison of the threat of the unknown in dracula and the woman in black. i haven’t read […]

Will you read my essay? For Black History Month?

Proofread? Please (:It’s titled “Inequitable Treatment”We all know about the racism that occurred around the 1960’s. I remember them teaching it to us back in 3rd grade. However, even hearing about it sometimes isn’t enough without detail. Which is why watching the movie, for me, was better. It showed all that was going on, creating […]

Who was the first black president in the whole world?

I am writing an essay on Barrack Obama for part of my English coursework and it will be a controlled assessment.For my introduction paragraph I want to include who the first black president in the whole world was and when they became president, also in what country. This would be a really big help if […]

How is brotherhood interperted in black hawk down?

i have to write an essay on how brotherhood relates to black hawk down. how and what?

Gabriele Des Mussi Black Death Manuscript?

Hi,I want to find a translated version of Grabriele Des Mussi’s manuscript on the black death. I have done many searches over the past few weeks, but can only find articles and essays that quote him, not the actual manuscript. This isn’t for a class project or anything, just for my own personal knowledge. I […]

How did black codes effect reconstruction?

I need to write a history essay, but I don’t understand how the Black Codes affected (negatively) reconstruction. Please help me with anything? Thanks