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A English model essays book for primary school?

I want to buy a good English model essays/composition book for my daughter. Can anyone help ?

Do I cite an older book when it was originally published or the version I used?

Im writing an essay on John Steinbeck, and need some citing help. For example, I need to cite the book Of Mice and Men. Do I cite it’s original year and publishing company, 1937 & Covici, Friede, Inc., or do I cite the Penguin Classics version we read in class? Does it matter?

In the book ” Of Mice And Men” What characters other than Lennie and George had a dream?

I have to do an essay for my honors English class, and I want to know what characters other than them had a dream and what was there dream and any evidence that supports it

How do I embed a quotation from a book of essays?

The book is called 25 Great Essays by Robert Diyanni, and I am trying to embed a quotation from the essay “Of Studies,” by Francis Bacon, so when I embed this quotation should I use the last name of Diyanni, or Bacon? Or should I just put the page number or something?

How do you use an excerpt from a book in an essay?

I have to write an essay on All Quiet on the Western Front and I have a good example from the book but how do I put it into my essay?

How would I answer the essay question; How does Bronte develop Jane’s Character in the book Jane Eyre?

I’m not sure what I should be writing about; should I be describing the different writing techniques she uses, (1st person, pathetic fallacy, etc,) or about the words and language, and how they are effective; or about how her character makes us empathetic drawing us into the story? etc etc.Suggestions please. (:

Beowulf book essay SMART PEOPLE NEEDED!?

explain fate? are we in control of our destiny? is life uncertain? what role does fate play in the epic beowulf? what is beowulfs attitude torwads the future and his impossible death and what does this reveal about the Angol-Saxon beliefs?

Where can i find good quotes for the book forbidden city?

i have an rough draft essay on forbidden city and i dont get it at all i am getting so stressed out i need help where can i find quotes?!?cliff notes and spark notes dont have the book on it so that will not help

Would this be an okay book for me to read?

Im a highschool freshman and in engligh class today we had to wright an essay on a passage from the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy, and my engligh teacher said that it was an interesting book and from what I read in the passage i thought it would be an interesting story to read. […]

I need help on the book “to kill a mocking bird”?!?

I have to write an essay about raceism and loss of innocence from “to kill a mocking bird” can anyone help and give me 2 pages from the book that show this?