britain! essay

What were the rules/laws in Britain when they introduced democracy?

History essay- It is about democracy in Britain And i would really really appreciate it if you could tell me 1 or 2 of the main laws in Britain back when they introduced democracy? Thanks so much

In the Battle Of Britain, how were the RAF pilots courageous and efficient?

I’m writing an essay with the title:It was the strength and efficiency of the RAF which frustrated the German attempts to defeat Britain in 1940. How far do you agree with this statement?one of my points is that the RAF were strong and efficient because of the pilots braverycan anyone help with evidence/ explaining this […]

What difficulties could a Jewish person face following Kosher rules in Britain today?

I’m doing an essay on Kosher and need some help pls

What type of relationship should Canada have with the US and Britain?

I’m half-done writing an essay that takes a stand on what type of relationship Canada should have with the US and Britain, as we move on into the twenty-first century.But I’m kinda stuck in the middle and I don’t know what to else to write.

Bad and good reasons for everyone becoming a buddha in Britain – hypothetically.?

i have to explains good and bad reason on everyone in britain becoming a buddha and how it would effect it. example : a bad reason would be : food industries would have to be pure vegetables and fruits and meat wouldn’t be sold as it isn’t eaten. a good reason would be : crime […]

How democratic was the USA and Germany compared to Britain in 1918?

I’m doing an extended essay for history titled ‘How democratic was Britain by 1918′ and i would like to do a comparison paragraph but i can’t find any information. Any help?

When was the Death Penalty first introduced in Britain?

I am doing an essay on capital punishment & need a little background. Thanks.

Im writing an essay on the influence of music by FAITHLESS on BRITAIN! please help in any way!?

well, the subject is INFLUENTIAL THINGS IN BRITISH CULTURE and i chose to do the band FAITHLESS.please help in any way. tell me if the music made by them is in any way influential to you.and also if you know about anything that might bring them to a clash with society.maybe some protests because of […]

How Did the british empire help britain during the 2 world wars? [10 POINTS]?

maybe two paragraphs im really stuck on this got a 5 page essay i need help with lol

Why was the battle of Vimy Ridge important to Canada’s independance from Britain?

how was the battle of Vimy ridge important to canada when it was gaining independace from Britain.AND WHO WAS A IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN?PLEASE HELP…HISTORY ESSAY THANKS YOUUUU!