budget essay

What is the best laptop to get within my budget?

I am a junior in high school. My family’s computer is quite a few years old and sits in our living room. I have to younger siblings and it is very distracting to be typing up an essay when they are playing and my dad is watching TV. I want a good computer. I wouldn’t […]

Arizona federal budget?

can anybody help me start an essay that says about the arizona federal budget is due tomorrow tomorrow morning plz helpp?

Theories on balancing the budget to avoid economic distaster…?

I’m looking for some substantiated theories by respectable figures. I’d prefer online sources, and also I’d prefer essays or articles, not full length books. I’ll also take any theories you have, as long as they are thought through.

Who are the supporters of california budget cuts with schools?

I have an essay due in political science and i could see how a lot of people are opposers of the california budget cut in schools but what kind of people would actually support them? i know some politicians would worrying about their pays getting cut but that is about it..

Film budget division?

People say oh that film cost £8million or this film cost $15 million to produce but is there something that takes the largest percentage like CGI or buying the actors? How is it shared up?-I’m doing an essay and I just think it would make me sound quite knowledgeable TIA

Essay:use treatment budget to spending on health education?

Do a little research and write it yourself. You will not learn if you copy and paste someone elses work. Not only that, but your teacher just has to type in the words that are in your essay and it would take her right here and she would see that you cheated.

Economics Honors (Clinton White House, National Budget, etc.)?

I have a essay due pretty soon and have been doing a lot of research. I was just curious on every ones opinion on this particular topic . If responding please include your sources (such as book titles and web addresses ) . Here is the question,Why has it been impossible for the federal government […]

California’s Governor’s tactics to ratify the budget?

I need to write an essay on how California’s Governor’s tactics are different than President Clinton’s tactics to solve the federal impasse of 1994.Any help

Is there anything good about budget cuts?

I have to do a persuasive essay about why it’s good/bad to have budget cuts at school but i have trouble trying to find reasons why it’s good. So can you please help?

Budget cuts in school….?

So my scool district is facing a budget crises for next year and my English teacher wants us to write a brief essay on what is important to us and what are some things the district can cut down on or eliminate all together. Do you guys have any ideas? Like 4 day weeks instead […]