bullying? essay


Our teacher has asked us to explain one problem that we feel exist in this world, what we want to do about it, and why it matters. I chose bullying. I feel that is a huge problem that exist in this world. However, I’m somewhat stuck on my body paragraphIn my first body paragraph, I’m […]

Good definition of bullying and/or what to do If you are in a situation involving bullying?

It’s for homework and I have to write an essay about 1-2 pages long… (-(

Consequences of bullying.?

It’s for my English essay. Can you please list me some of the consequences of bullying, if reported and not reported. Who will be affected and how?

What is verbal bullying?

im writing a essay on bullying and im including verbal bullying..can u help give me a descriptive explanation?

What does bullying cause?!?

what does bullying cause the target to end up like?im doing an essay, and this will be my last paragraph.im asking what does bullying cause. emotional damage, mind damage etc etc

A good hook for an essay about parents preventing cyber bullying sexual predators and adentity theft?

A good tittle and intro?

Good title for lgb bullying?

I need a catchy title for my essay on Lebsian, gay, bisexual bullying.


Revise this short essay for me, please?Spamming, trolling, blackmailing, harassing…it seems these days cyber bullying has almost as many names as consequences. The scary part is that no matter what you call it, the consequences are very serious and often deadly. As easy as it is to post a comment online, a victim can take […]

Needs opinions on an essay im writing about bullying in America ! ?

Hello Chris,Bullying in Americas SchoolsBullying is a problem that occurs in all American schools. Roughly 62 percent of students reported being targets of traditional bullying in the 2009-2010 school year, according to a new report published by the National Center for Education statistics. (Campus Safety)Bully has a major affect on the bully and the victim. […]

Please help me fast! Its about Bullying?

ok i need some help i need ten facts on bullying real fast i’m not some kind of person that doesnt do their homework but this is an emergency i’ve been trying to find facts everywere i have done so much research but i can’t find ten facts, i’ve only got 5. Please help me. […]