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What “invention” did Vannevar Bush write about in a 1945 essay?

He wrote about the Memex (which is essentially the personal computer) and links or “associative trails” between articles that we now call hypertext. A visionary, indeed. Hope this helps”In 1945, Bush authored the article “As We May Think” in the Atlantic Monthly in which he first proposed his idea of the Memex machine. This machine […]

Should Bush bashers be required to undergo psychological evaluations?

I recently went to a Bush basher website. In the first paragraph he ridiculed George Bush for being a Christian. In the second paragraph he ridiculed George Bush for not being Christian.Bashers also attack George Bush for being a dictator, while freely using every medium available: articles, columns, essays, protest marches, documentaries, bumper stickers, T-shirts, […]

Essay Question for Bush Supporters: describe the historical foundations for the concept of the separation of?

Church and state.

What were the goals president bush wanted to accomplish by invading iraq?

this is for an essay in global issues so please if you could site your sources it ould be awesome thanks

Is a Former Bush Administration Chief Of Staff Correct For Calling Former VP Cheney “Evil”?

Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, wrote an essay on the Washington Note last evening slamming Cheney’s fearmongering. Wilkerson calls Cheney “evil” and says his detainee policies were only “assisting” terrorists:Cheney went on to say in his McLean interview that “Protecting the country’s security is a tough, mean, dirty, nasty business. These are […]

Did george herbert walker bush go to his wife for presidential advice?

writing an essay on his family life. Any facts about his commitment to them while president?

Is Bush a Neocon……?

I need to know whether Bush is a Neocon or not for an essay, dont want to state the wrong info. From what i have read he seems like one, so is he?

Bush West point Speech Comparison ?

Hello all, I have a big final coming up and it consist of an essay. The question is:Compare “Bush’s West Point Speech” and “The New Bush Doctrine” by Richard Falk. I honestly cant find anything to write about and the final is Tomorrow morning! If you have anything to say about this topic PLEASE help […]

Proofread essay on Bush and tell me what you think plz!?

i think i still need a conclusion but im not sure the essay is on satire which meaning the first paragraph is criticing the govt and the rest is funny. i also need to added one funny solution to the problem and 2 advantages well at least 2. The No Child Left Behind Act, was […]

Bush v. Gore 2000 Election?

I have a huge essay to write about the Supreme Court’s ruling and all of the events that occurred during the 2000 Bush v. Gore election (especially all the controversy in Florida) All of the websites I’ve looked at are in really complicated wording so if someone could explain what happened, in English, with as […]