california? essay

LAPD California police exam written test question?

So my husband is preparing to take the police exam to become a member of the LAPD. For anyone that knows this process, he has already taken the Preliminary Background Application online. He has an appointment in a few weeks for the PQE written test, polygraph, PAT and background. My question is that we are […]

What score do I need to get on my essay for California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) to pass?

The scale is 1-4do I need a 3?

Forwarding University of California college application?

A few months ago I applied to a specific campus (one of the many) from the University of California. Because I had only intended to send that application to that specific school I included the name of the school in one of my three college essays in the application. A week ago I received a […]

Should Cesar Chavez day be recognized by California schools?

I have to write an essay for history on whether or not Cesar Chavez day should be a day off for my school district. I don’t really have a stance on the issue. I need to pick a side and the side has to have three concrete reasons (not “because I want the day off” […]

How deep is california is debt currently?

need to include this number in an essay im writing, thank you!

How important is a good ACT score to colleges within California?

i received a 2020 on my SAT and im very happy with that. im only applying to colleges in California. My ACT score on the other hand is not so hot- with a score of 23 (ive only taken it once, damn that test was fast paced!)so my question is; should i retake the ACT […]

Who are the supporters of california budget cuts with schools?

I have an essay due in political science and i could see how a lot of people are opposers of the california budget cut in schools but what kind of people would actually support them? i know some politicians would worrying about their pays getting cut but that is about it..

Do you have to write an essay for California State Universities’ admissions?

If so, do all of them have the same prompt/essay question?

How many people join the california lottery every year?

I’m doing an argument essay on the CA Lottery and need some information. Anything is good at this point.

Name all the california state universities I would get accepted into with the act score of 16.5-18.5 composite?

and other 4 year colleges. However my essay writing on the test was around 4-5 profecient.what state university would definately accept me and name other few colleges here in california