cancer? essay

How would you describe a person who is suffering from cancer and the health is deteriorating by day?

I needa use for essay, thank you v much!

Canada as a cancer research leader?

i wrote an essay on this topic but i need a catchy/creative title for the essay that will catch reader’s interest. any ideas? 10 points for creative ideas!

How can Skin Cancer affect me ?

Just need info for my essay

Help with ovarian cancer thesis statement.?

I need a thesis statement for ovarian cancer for an essay can someone help please?

How do you can get Esophageal Cancer?

i have to write and essay. PLEASE HELP.

Skin cancer essay help!?

for health i have to write a 3 double spaced pages about skin cancer. i need help! please give me all information you know about skin cancer..such as how many people die a year, how old they range from, how many people are diagnosed a year, what different kinds of skin cancer there are, how […]

Do cigarettes cause lung cancer?

Bullet points please, points supporting the fact that cigarettes cause cancer.Using data preferably but it doesn’t really matter. I’m looking for some help for an essay- I am planning to change the points into my own words.Thanks

May someone please give a few reasons why the government should help people with cancer.?

this is for my essay writing.

How many survivors of breast cancer are there in the us?

I’m doing an essay on breat cancer and i would like to know some statistics. how many survivors in us? please help

Breast Cancer and Cultural factors?

Hello! I’m writing a 10 pg essay for my anthropology class about illness. It says we have to focus on a disease or an illness (I picked Breast cancer) and emphasize cultural factors. We have to analyze cultural and political ecological factors..and that the topic should focus exclusively on cultural influences on disease and illness […]