clinton? essay

Economics Honors (Clinton White House, National Budget, etc.)?

I have a essay due pretty soon and have been doing a lot of research. I was just curious on every ones opinion on this particular topic . If responding please include your sources (such as book titles and web addresses ) . Here is the question,Why has it been impossible for the federal government […]

If you were writing a compare and contrast essay about William J Clinton and George W Bush What would you say?


How did President Reagan’s final budget differ from that of Bill Clinton?

Please help me! I have to include this information in an essay.

Hillary Clinton?

Ok, so for english class we’re doing a biography report, and I picked her.This is what I need:A 5 paragaph essay, focusing on the thesis, which would have an idea of 3 major concepts about her. (it has to be DETAILED information, like stats,etc)So I thought about it for a while, and I decided that […]

Hilary Clinton Abuse problem (ill give you five stars -_-)?

i have an essay about how Hillary Clinton was abused by the media, i have information about her life but NOT about abuse so can someone give me difference circumstances she was abused in or on during her candidacy, the affair and her running for senate

Did William Clinton Protect this country?

Im doing a compare and contrast essay and i have to compare william and george w bush