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College admission essay— University of Florida?

There is a box to write in the essay, with a 3885 character limit. In the description, it intructs you to write a 400-500 word essay. My finish essay contains 590 words, but is within the character limit. Should I go ahead and submit it, since it fits the character limit?

Proof read my college essay :)?

okay so this is my first time writing a college essay it may not be the best but please revise it and see what i can do to improve it.btw my essay is about how my son changed my life )here it is:The eyes of the angel looked straight at me, innocence indescribable. My heart […]

Would it be too cliche if i wrote a college essay on my ex boyfriend and how he has impacted me?

He has certainly changed my life, but I don’t know if that’s something that colleges have seen over and over and would be tired of reading again. Also, how should i go about doing it? What would be a good hook to open up with?

When writing an essay for college to I italicize the thesis?

One of my classes had me write the thesis italic. Should I do that for all essays?

PLEASE help me with my college essay…?

ok i have an essay..i have to have an argumentative essay between two apposing writers on the same subject. and my subject is helmet to helmet contact in the nfl. and i have to write summaries of the two writers.. how would i state this? she is very strict which is bullshit but. i am […]

Can I talk about divorce in an application for a Catholic college?

(This may sound stupid, but I’m really clueless) For my essay, I want to briefly mention my parents’ divorce, but I don’t know if that would affect their decision since Catholics tend to not even allow divorce…please help! My family isn’t religious, but I really like this college.

Forwarding University of California college application?

A few months ago I applied to a specific campus (one of the many) from the University of California. Because I had only intended to send that application to that specific school I included the name of the school in one of my three college essays in the application. A week ago I received a […]

I don’t know what to study in college? Please help!?

I’m 19 female and going into my second year of college. Originally i went into Architecture but i found out after the first semester that isn’t for me. I loved the art and design but i am horrible at Math, Chemistry and Physics. Over the year I’ve been jumping back and forth in my mind […]

How important is a college application essay?

Last night around 4am I submitted an online application to Drexel, I tried to proof read it carefully but my grammar and punctuation are usually sloppy. I’m terrible at breaking up run on sentences. My mom saw my printed essay this morning and said although it was written well, she noticed several grammatical mistakes and […]

Is this a good college essay?

It still needs some work but here it is. Normality. Who defines what normal is in today‚Äôs society? Who chooses what the right clothes and television shows are? Who decides which people are going to be popular and successful? Who selects the people who will experience hardships? Who lets them decide to give up or […]