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Comparing Greek and Hindu mythology?

i need to compare and contrast greek and hindu mythology for a research essay. we can compare pretty much anything, like the roles of woman, importance of family, perception of death, ranking of values, valued trais, effects on society, ties with nature, etc. but i dont know what would be a good subject to compare […]

Comparing and Contrasting Europe after the World War I and II?

I have to put together a final essay and have to compare and contrast Europe’s peace after both WWI and WWII. Peace was an odd word for my professor to use, but I’m assuming he wants us to mention the Versailles Treaty, but also the rise to Fascism and Nazism, and policy of Appeasement. Could […]

What could an essay focus be for comparing dracula -bram stoker and the woman in black – susan hill.?

for the title of my a level english lit coursework u have to be comparing 2 books and find a link of focus between the two.e.g a comparison of the presentation of monsters in dracula and frankenstein.or a comparison of the threat of the unknown in dracula and the woman in black. i haven’t read […]

Comparing religions please help!?

im writing an essay for class comparing islam, christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. im talking about how while some aspects are similar each religions/faith obviously is different too. (i know its a big topic but thats the assignment not me) anyways i need to campore/contract relgious text and id love to find similarities between the […]

Help with comparing Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte with Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin?

For my English A level coursework we’re studying Wuthering Heights, and for our first essay we have to compare it with a partner text. I’ve chosen Northanger Abbey for this, and while I know the two novels are very different, I was able to find a couple of similarities and differences on the theme of […]

Im writing a paper on comparing and contrasting nightclubs in Washington D.C and New York City I need a intro?

I have alot of ideas but im having a problem writing and introduction fir this essay

Comparing Civil rights movements to today’s struggles?

I have to write an essay on comparing and contasting the struggles of Dr. Luther King’s fight for civil rights to the struggles today.What struggles are there today that have people discrimianted for who they are(Something besides gay marrige)

What would be a good essay title for comparing two thriller books?

I have to right an essay on comparing two books and I’m doing it on to thriller books but i’m stuck on the title.

I have to write an essay comparing and contrasting two religion’s [buddhism and hinduism] ?

but i cannot seem to figure out how to start…help?

A brief essay comparing and contrasting?

please write a brief essay comparing and contrasting ancient Egypt and ancient China’s forms of governments. Best Answer 50 points