conclusion? essay

Does anyone have any idea how i can start my conclusion on a light pollution essay?

don’t worry about what my essay says in it just give me an idea for an ending. if you’re really nice and write the whole conclusion for me i’ll love you forever!

What would be a good conclusion paragraph to an essay about The Black Death?

I’ve been writing for hours and I’m empty, help would be lovely.

Whats a conclusion for a midsummer night’s dream essay?

You restate your thesis and your arguments and close with something to keep the reader thinking.

What belongs in a conclusion?

For my persuasive essay my conclusion is only one sentence long. What do I need to put in it?

Plz Check grammar and develop my essay conclusion?

As long as there have been civilizations, there have been stories that are told to children. These stories telling are a means of not only comforting and amusing children, but of teaching the children the societal norms of their nation. Children idolize their favorite character, the character they have most in common with and are […]

How do i write a conclusion to my history essay?

ive wrotebased on the evidence i have gathered i can conclude that ……i dnt no wot to writeim writing about whether goodrich castle was ever a motte and bailey castle

Help please how can i end my essay ?can you please give a good conclusion?

this is my essay I just need the conclusion : How will the U.S react if our recession turns into a depression? Some say it’s already a depression, but is it? In my perspective the effect of unemployment during the great depression was more dramatic on people than today’s recession. Both are different because they […]

Could anyone plese help with this conclusion?

So far throughout my essay, I have concluded the fact that all images by these particular artists depict war and sex. They have also associated with a lot of suffering, murder, crime, and the fact that the female nude is a tradition throughout Western society and through wartime.At first instance, my approach top the paintings, […]

Help to write introduction and conclusion?

The topic of essay is “Cultural differences in body language”. Please help me to write introduction and conclusion. The idea of this paper is that different countries have different meanings to the same gestures that can be misunderstood from country to country. The conclusion needs to be with a happy ending.

I need a conclusion pragragh for my essay on animal testing?I’m in high school.and i’m on pro side.?

We can’t give you a conclusion without knowing what you talked about. Basically, you need to just summarize your arguments and reinforce your conclusion – that animal testing is useful.