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Right to be safe in the constitution?

I am writing an essay for capital punishment and i want to know if the people have the right to be safe. Like a natural right.(i think capital punishment should be implemented)thanks in AdvAnce

How does a constitution, written or unwritten, limit direct/true democracy?

I’m doing an essay and I am missing one really good point around this question. I just need some things to put down on how a constitution, created on the backbone of liberal principals, limits a true democracy. what does it stop a true democracy from doing?Just to be sure, I’m not asking at how […]

What is the constitution and why is it important?

Doing a 350 word essay for JROTC. I have 83 words and I REALLY need help.

Socialism or Capitalism in the US Constitution?

I have a philosophy essay to do, and this is the topic. I understand the question but I am not too familiar with the US Constitution. Can anyone help me? I need some examples, something to start with. “Considering the opposed social/economic/political systems known as ‘socialism’ and ‘capitalism’, which of these two systems of government […]

How does the national government bureaucracy operate within the US constitution?

Also, what is the role of the Presidents cabinet?I have to write an essay, but I just don’t understand the question. I dont need a detailed answer considering I am the one writing the essay, but does anyone have some thoughts I could use to jumpstart this?Any little bit of help is appreciated

How do I quote the constitution?

I need to quote the constitution “everyman has the right to the pursuit of happiness” or something along those lines, i wrote it in my essay and now I dont know how to mention it in the in-text or the works cited help?

Was the framing of the constitution a democratic or elitist process?

I’m not sure what this question means but I have to write an essay on it in my AP Government class.Any ideas?

Compare and contrast of the Confederate Constitution and the United States?

I have to write an essay comparing and contrasting the Presidency in each nation and need two ways the office was similar and two ways the office was different under each constitution.I have that for the Confederates that the President served one, six year term and not able to run again and help with another […]

Reasons to be supportive for the Ratification of the Constitution?

Need help writing a History essay. I need reasons to be “for” the Ratification of the Constitution. Thank you! User tags:Best reasons for ratification

Why does the constitution work? Why has the constitution been so successful?

ok so im writing an essay and i wanna hear your different opinions on this question. it has to contain 500 words so don’t be afraid to elaborate on your thoughts. thxx lotts =]