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Best laptop to buy for a cost effective price?

I am looking to buy a laptop as I am going to college and what suggestions as to the best one to buy. Prices that I am willing to pay are between £300 up to a limit of £500. Required features of laptop:- Watch DVDs- write and save essays so perhaps a decent memory?-Possibly play […]

John wants to rent a tent to go camping. The cost to rent a tent from Woodland Outfitters is a flat rate of $1?

John wants to rent a tent to go camping. The cost to rent a tent from Woodland Outfitters is a flat rate of $10.00 plus $0.50 for each night the tent is rented.Part a. Let x represent the number of nights John keeps the tent and write a cost function, c(x), for the cost to […]

How much do cigarette cost Uk?

I’m doing an essay and need to know how much cigarettes cost. I don’t smoke so have no idea. Need to know to price of 10 or 20 cigs doesn’t really matter or a rough idea of how much they cost. Doesn’t matter what brand. Thanks

What is the cost of abortion in California?

this is only for research on my english essay….nothing like that!

Can anyone tell me how much the Constellation Program would have cost if not canceled, including your source?

The Constallation Program was initiated by Bush and was later canceled by Obama, and it was a project of NASA. I need to know how much it would have cost to go through with the program, and for my essay, I need to know my source so I can cite it.

Has the cost of buying and running a car increased from 2005-2007 and if so whats caused it?

im doing a essay and want to know the details to the above question

How much does it cost to print documents in the library?

I have no available printer at the moment, and I know that I can print documents in the library. However, I have a 10-page essay to print, and I don’t think the library will let me print it all out for free…My library is the Queens Library located in Little Neck.

What is the cost comparison of manufacturing the lethal injection to the cost of life imprisonment?

I am doing a persuasive essay for english about capital punishment. I need an article that has been published showing that the cost of the death penalty is lower to life imprisonment. I need the web address where it was found too.

How much does a blue book cost?

the blue book used in college for essay testing how much does it cost?

What is the cost difference between photo enforcement tickets and a police officer issued ticket?

I’m doing an essay, I tried to find how much photo enforcement camera tickets are in Arizona, isn’t it around $150? How much is a police officer issued ticket? Thanks for your help!