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Percentages for a degree? Could any1 tell me what the min i hav to get in each module to get a 2:1 overall?

Hello,I’m really confused, would appreciate it if anyone could help?i’m in my 3rd year of my degree and am hoping to get a 2:1, could anyone tell me what mark i need to get left in each module to get a 63.5 average?My dissertation is worth 40 credits and i have 4 other modules worth […]

Are there any Literature class I could take during the summer? ?

To enhance my writing skills. I am very horrible at writing essays or biographies. I would like to improve since it is my dream to become a creative writer. I am very creative, but lack in the grammar/proper writing techniques. If it matters I live in New Jersey.

What could an essay focus be for comparing dracula -bram stoker and the woman in black – susan hill.?

for the title of my a level english lit coursework u have to be comparing 2 books and find a link of focus between the two.e.g a comparison of the presentation of monsters in dracula and frankenstein.or a comparison of the threat of the unknown in dracula and the woman in black. i haven’t read […]

How could I start off with my college essay?

The question asks why I should be offered a free space at college if there was only one left for the freshmen class. I know what I’m going to write about. My concern is on how to start it. Any suggestions or hints?

What difficulties could a Jewish person face following Kosher rules in Britain today?

I’m doing an essay on Kosher and need some help pls

Could someone show me a sample of an analytical expository essay about “bullying”?

i must write a analytical expository essay on bullying

Could you please help me write a introduction to this essay paper?

My thesis:In 1926 Miami Florida suffered from a sever hurricane, which caused critical damage within the city and resulted in millions of dollars being lost within it.Here’s my body if it matters: The hurricane of Miami came unexpectedly and no one in Miami was aware of it. The damage caused by hurricanes is doubling every […]

HELP! im doing a descriptive essay about a busy market could anyone help and write a few paragraphs!? im stuck?

i need to describe in detail a busy market scene for my homework and i cant think of anything! could anyone write a few descriptive paragraphs describing smells sights sounds and more it would mean a lot!

What are some things i could write about for this theme on the play Julius Caesar?

Violence leads to futher violence.Two main chacacter’s caesar, brutus, cassius, or antonyexplaining these characters action and behavior relate to the theme……..Its for an essay and i desperately need your help! thank you!

You could hold the answer….?

ok i NEED to kno how to make distilled water in 5 days.(4 a project)and please if do u kno dont write me a 1 page essay on “The Art of Distillation” and no links tht lead to Thnx