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Help me think of a creative title ?

My essay is about diversity (college essay) and my essay is about how I have moved over from China recently and have had to learn English quickly. Besides my race…I don’t really even know what else is diverse about me!Anyway, please help me think of a titile! Thank you!

Creative title for a short essay about Shakespeare’s first trip to the dentist..?

so yeah, i had to write an essay / paragraph about shakespeares trip to the dentist back in elizabethan times,but i cant think of a good title for it.any suggestions ?heres the essay ;So I went to the dentist one day because one of my teeth fell out. It was right in the front so […]

Help with a creative essay title?

I am writing a cause/effect essay on what causes college students to drop out and I can’t think of a catchy title…. any suggestions?

What is a creative title for an essay about stereotyping?

I wrote an essay about stereotyping in the novel to kill a mocking bird, and last essay I got docked big time for not having a creative title, so if you could think of something and share your thoughts that would be great. Thanks. User tags:stereotype titles for essaystitles about stereotyping

Fahrenheit 451 – Creative essay title?

I need an interesting title for my Fahrenheit 451 essay, but can’t seem to think of much.The paper is about Montag’s growth and enlightenment over the course of the novel. I was thinking perhaps something to do with the phoenix (which represent his transformation/rebirth).Any ideas are appreciated! User tags:yhs-fh_lsonsw

Creative title for a comparative essay?

Need a creative title for a comparative/contrasting synthesis essay comparing two documentaries, ” bowling for columbine” (a Michael Moore film) and “lets talk about sex” (a James Houston film) please any suggestions are more than welcomed.

How to write a creative essay?

its a 500 word essayon a beauty brand i loveso what am I supposed to write?I don’t know how to start off, I want to do it on Mac but I don’t know what to write and how to write it.i want it to be really good!can anyone help?

What is a creative title for my essay on the value of human life?

Please help ANY creative Title ideas?

Please help if you have any good, creative ideas for the title of my essay? I’m having a hard time. even if not give a complete title but just topics or ideas, then that would still be very helpful. thanksthe story for my essay is about betrayal and lost of trust in a friendship, where […]

Whats a creative title for my essay its on the Black plague and Christianity?

It’s kind of odd to give you a title if you haven’t given any details on precisely what you’ll be talking about. The Black Plague and Christianity are both enormous topics. It would have been helpful to know what subject area this is for or what angle you’re trying to present. That said, here are […]