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Who are the supporters of california budget cuts with schools?

I have an essay due in political science and i could see how a lot of people are opposers of the california budget cut in schools but what kind of people would actually support them? i know some politicians would worrying about their pays getting cut but that is about it..

Is there anything good about budget cuts?

I have to do a persuasive essay about why it’s good/bad to have budget cuts at school but i have trouble trying to find reasons why it’s good. So can you please help?

Budget cuts in school….?

So my scool district is facing a budget crises for next year and my English teacher wants us to write a brief essay on what is important to us and what are some things the district can cut down on or eliminate all together. Do you guys have any ideas? Like 4 day weeks instead […]

Reasons school budget cuts are good?

I am writing an essay in school about how school budget cuts are bad. i need SOME reasons they are good however and cant think of a good one…… any help? PLEASE anything works! thank you!

Why are schools getting budget cuts ?

I have a paper to write on school budget cuts in the U.S and i need to take a stand on the issue. But in order to write the essay, i need some information on this issue. And i honestly cannot find any, so can somebody please answer these questions or atleast one?-Why are these […]

What arethe positives in school budget cuts?

im writting a research essay and its difficult to find pro’s on this topic, help yeah?

How are you and your community being effected by budget cuts in the education system?

I am currently writing a proposal argument for my freshman college class. For this assignment, I’m proposing solutions to the budget cut in the education systems, the issues caused by the budget cuts, and how to recover. How are you and your community being effected by the budget cuts in the educational system? If you’re […]

School budget cuts essay?

I have to write a body & a closing paragraph on School budget cuts. I have to have two resolutions on the problem. (Things that does NOT affect us students as much) My intro is ear School Board, One day a father came home and saw his always jolly son depressed. Worried enough he asked […]

What are some causes and effects about School budget cuts?

i Need some examples to do an essay due tomorrow give me as much info. about it so i could write a lot of details (: Thank you if you help me

Is the Bush Tax Cuts hurting us now?

This is for yet another political essay but that’s not the main question. I’m not actually into politics but I want to get into this paper more because I got a bit interested but I want to know that if the two tax cuts that Bush created, one in 2001 and another in 2003, are […]