day? essay

How would you describe a person who is suffering from cancer and the health is deteriorating by day?

I needa use for essay, thank you v much!

Why do the ewells go to school just one day? to kill a mockingbird?

It’s for an essay. Basically I need to explain the ignorance of Maycomb. I am tying the Ewells into it. I remember reading something around chapter 17, maybe? About two people in the family being able to write. does anyone know where i can find the quote? Or why they only go to school one […]

What can I do to relax and release stress in a.) one minute, b.) fifteen minutes, and c.) one day?

I need help writing a one page essay on how to relax and relieve stress in these times. Thanks for your help!

Does any one know the Role of the DJ from the 1970s to the present day?

I’ve got to write an essay on this due in for tomorow so any help would be appreciated!

Me Talk Pretty One Day?

Im doing a project on this book ( Essay, Oral Presentation, and Literary Scrap Book)I did essay and oral presentaion but im stopmed on the scrapbook.It’s like 10~12 items, as if you were one of the characters in the book. It should reflect the character’s interests, conflicts, and personal development. Describe the detail and significance […]

What do you know about mothers day?

My special occasion is about mothers day and i need some infomation about it.I have got so far about what days and how they celebrate it and also i have what they eat, but what else can i add to my essay?

Can you write a 4 page rough draft in one day?

I have no school tomorrow and have to write a 4 page rough draft. It is a personal opinion essay on a very general subject, which I find it difficult to get started. I want to go out tonight though. Have you written a 4 page difficult paper in one day?

Why should school start later in the day?

I have to do a letter/persuasive essay to the principal as an assignment for class. and I’m doing why schools should start later in the day. What are some brief benefits of this?And what are bad things about it?

How to write a 1000 words a day?

Questions to all writers/students anyone who writes:I’m very pushed for time with uni work. I’ve got a lot on now, and basically need to write a 1,000 words a day. I am a very slow writer, so this is a max i can write in a day. Perhaps some of you have very good techniques […]

Is there anything you have to accomplish by the end of the day?

I have to finish studying for my macro final, write 2 essays and buy something for my friends b-day!